The Voice – Finals

The final performances for this show were a bit odd, because they involved an original song (but not necessarily written by the performer) and a duet with their coach. No individual cover songs. For the first time, the teams are competing against each other, not against their own teammates. I think it’s pretty obvious that the winner should be either Dia or Javier. I would give the edge to Javier on performance alone, but there’s something so lovable about Dia that I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins it.

Javier also benefitted from an unfair advantage: Adam Levine. It’s hard to imagine a more engaged and intelligent coach for preparing to sing a song on national TV or for singing a duet with. He absolutely killed it as a coach and producer and he’s a rock solid performer. Dia had great support from Blake, but he has much less creative ability to bring to the table and a much more pedestrian voice and performance level on stage. Here are their performances: Continue reading