Breaking Bad Season 5

The highly anticipated fifth and final Season of this great drama got started several weeks ago, and already there are big changes from the previous fantastic seasons. We have previously discussed this show at length, and I won’t try to link to all those discussions, but suffice it to say that this season is living up to the high standards set by the foregoing episodes. Continue reading

Breaking Bad – Season 4 Part 1

My notes on Season 4 after deciding to catch up on viewing this series. SPOILER ALERT: Since we are talking about episodes that aired some time ago, I’m not going to try to avoid spoilers, except that I haven’t finished season 4 yet, so IN COMMENTING, PLEASE DON’T REFER TO ANY EVENTS BEYOND THE EPISODES DISCUSSED IN THE POST.

I watched the first three seasons very quickly on Netflix, then bought season 4 on Amazon because I just couldn’t wait to see more. As you may know, season 3 ended in a major cliffhanger so finding out whether Jesse actually shot Gale, and if so, what that might mean, was a major issue for me. FWIW, I was betting he didn’t. Continue reading