There died a myriad

And of the best, among them,

For an old bitch gone in the teeth,

For a botched civilisation.

                     -Ezra Pound

AMC appears to have scored another hit with its new series Rubicon.  If you haven’t been watching, it might be a good idea to start now and avoid having too far to catch up.  This show is similar to Mad Men in one way: it moves at a languid pace.  Some have complained that the pace is too slow and is making the show dull.  But for those who like puzzling out the intricate webs of this story as it spins its twisty way through intrigue and murder in the intelligence community, nothing could be more engrossing.  The pacing of this show is deceptive because it can lull you into thinking that not much is happening, but the beauty of the show is in the details and the small clues, which are actually revealed in quite rapid fire fashion. Continue reading