SYTYCD, Season X

Season 10 of this show is under way and the top 20 have been chosen. This year’s contestants are maybe not my favorite group ever, but (as per usual) they include three dancers from my home state, which makes it fun to watch. Interestingly, whereas last season included two excellent ballroom dancers from Utah County that happened to be blonde and female and a bit hard to tell apart, this year’s group includes two excellent ballroom dancers from Utah County that happen to be brunette and female and a bit hard to tell apart. What are the odds? Strangely, one of this duo of ballroom babes, Brittany Cherry, was never shown on any episode prior to showing up in the top 20. Conspiracy? You tell me. Continue reading

1968 and The Red Wedding: Mad Men vs. Game of Thrones

If you haven’t seen the most recent episodes of these shows and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read this.

I suspect you’ve noticed that two epic seasons are playing out right now in two TV shows that are arguably two of the best ever created. This is the sixth and final season of Mad Men and we are seeing Don and company in 1968, with the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and the protests at the Democratic National Convention. The world is in turmoil and the characters lives are a pretty good mirror of the times, as they struggle with a multitude of personal and professional issues. Game of Thrones is set in a different world that, if nothing else, shows it is possible to have even more cultural and political upheaval than the 60s. This show is now coming to the end of its third season with drama that is almost too excruciating to watch. Continue reading

Justified Season 4, The Americans


Season 4 of this great series is under way and I have just started watching it. I have my own thoughts about it so far, but since I am behind in my viewing, I thought I’d start a thread where others could share their thoughts. No spoilers please.


Also, is anyone watching the new FX series The Americans? I have been watching it and I’m mostly impressed. For those who don’t know, it’s about a couple of sleeper soviet spies living in the U.S. as an American couple during the 80s Reagan/cold war era, and stars Keri Russell as the conflicted female spy with a horrifying history and kickass fighting abilities. Let me know if you have been watching.

The Voice

Watching this show this season has been pretty rewarding. I have enjoyed a lot of the contestants and their performances but there is one that, to me, just stands way above all others.

Anyone else watching this? What are your favorites this season?

Breaking Bad Season 5

The highly anticipated fifth and final Season of this great drama got started several weeks ago, and already there are big changes from the previous fantastic seasons. We have previously discussed this show at length, and I won’t try to link to all those discussions, but suffice it to say that this season is living up to the high standards set by the foregoing episodes. Continue reading

SYTYCD: Best. Season. Ever.

If you’re not watching this show this year, now’s the time to start. The auditions are over and the performances have begun and they are without a doubt the best ever. There are three classically trained ballet dancers on the show this year. Three ballroom dancers with Utah connections. A robot named Cyrus who can dance broadway. A martial arts expert, a stepper and a belly dancer. You heard me.

This is the most talented top 20 ever and they really should just go on tour with all 20 and be done with it. They’re all that good. there are, however, a few standout performances, including (for maybe the first time ever) the group numbers.

Continue reading

Justified Season 3 Finale – “Slaughterhouse”

We have now found our way to the finale of this season of Justified and it is a pretty satisfying ending. The loose ends of all the threads of plot that had been dangling all over the place have now been neatly woven into place and all or most of the questions raised during the season have now been answered, including the most important one: How do you disarm a man with a sleeve gun? Continue reading