How are you watching your movies?

If you’re not watching movies in the cinema, you’re not watching them the way the filmmaker intended.  Or at least that’s what Ridley Scott says:

In my view, the only way to see a film remains the way the filmmaker intended: inside a large movie theater with great sound and pristine picture. Music and dialogue that doesn’t fully reproduce the soundtrack of the original loses an essential element for its appreciation. Simply put, the film loses its power.

This is an interesting perspective, and increasingly Western audiences are able to replicate, or at least approach, movie theater quality picture and sound at home.  At least, that’s the potential.  But how do we really watch our movies? Continue reading

Movie Review: X-MEN – FIRST CLASS

Let’s take care of our primary worries first: it’s not that bad. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is decidedly superior to THE LAST STAND and WOLVERINE, and is probably also better than the original X-MEN, which was ponderous, over-serious and under-entertaining. But once again we’re stuck with origin stories and more origin stories, taking too much time showing us new mutants and explaining fancy new mutant powers rather than striking entirely into new stories and sticking with its strongest characters. Continue reading

Movie Review: HANNA

It’s a rare action movie that can surprise and impress me these days. I feel like the action genre is largely warmed-over these days; nothing new since DIE HARD. Then I saw HANNA, a film that largely succeeds at being novel, beautiful, bizarre, moving and action-packed. It’s a pretty great movie. Continue reading

Movie review: Jane Eyre

Readers, take note: JANE EYRE might be a chick flick, but I highly enjoyed it despite my predisposition against all period pieces. The acting is superior, the dialogue is terrific, the cinematography and direction are stellar. Honestly it’s the best Bronte adaptation by far. Is it worth your precious time? Continue reading