Best Singles of Each Artist: Volume 1

Below is a list of 10 well-known and prolific artists which you can only post what you consider their best song. Only one song per artist. No runners up.

1) Beastie Boys
2) U2
3) Radiohead
4) David Bowie
5) Led Zeppelin
6) Smashing Pumpkins
7) Mariah Carey
8 ) The Beatles
9) Aerosmith
10) Madonna


Yesterday afternoon I was chatting with a friend of mine about the prospect of LeBron James moving to the Miami Heat (at this time he hadn’t made his announcement, though all signs were pointing there) and we both had conflicted feelings. After watching the spectacle last night that was him making us all feel stupid for being sports fans, I’m less conflicted. LeBron James should never be considered one of the greatest. Continue reading