X-Men: Days Of Future Past Review


So, I went to go see the new X-Men film the other day, and as is the expected course of events, I’m due to review it. But in the spirit of originality, I thought I’d make this review a little different. When I thought back to my tepid feelings towards this film upon entering, and my outright enthusiasm for it at exit, I realised that the old me was missing some vital appreciation of Wolverine and co.

I got hold of Ellen Page, who’s going by the name ‘Kitty Pryde’ of late. She agreed that by harnessing my regenerative genes, she could send me back in time to four weeks ago, thus allowing me to discuss the film with myself – to see how my pre and post opinions differ on the topic of Bryan Singer’s latest mutant mash-up. Savvy? Good. Here goes. [Cue Huey Lewis and The News]

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10 Satisfying Moments In Films From 2013

The Hobbit Smaug

Satisfaction is a hard thing to come by. In fact she is such a slippery mistress that even rock God Mick Jagger struggled to tame her. So it is a rare and wonderful treat then, when a film envelops us with that warm energising feeling which so often comes with fulfilment.

The year of 2013 was a mixed bag when it came to such moments. Many films came and went, with little worth admiring, but every so often there arose a few absolutely cracking films. Some movies were preordained as wonderful, whilst others came way out of left field. Either way they all left us giddy with appreciation; yelling at the screen, “thank you!”
Here is a list of 10 scenes that fell into that category. Oh, and as you might expect;
spoiler alert!

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Review: Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks

What can be said about Captain Phillips? Well, for a start, it’s directed by Paul Greengrass; the man behind gut-punch 9/11 docu-drama United 93. It stars every man’s favourite every man, Tom Hanks, and it is based on a true story. One so high profile, I’d wager that 90% of those who watch the film will already know the ending. So how on Earth, even with such widely chronicled details of the event, does Captain Phillips manage to remain so bloody tense and stressful until the final credits!?

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DVD Review: Rafi Pitts Collection – A Felini For Our Day

Who is Rafi Pitts? That is what I asked myself before watching this box set. I am now ashamed to admit it, but id never heard of this filmmaker, and for that I should be shot.

The more educated and refined folks at Artificial Eye are releasing a three DVD set to celebrate the works of Pitts and the long awaited arrival of 12-year-old drama, Sanam. The box set includes Sanam, It’s Winter and “The Hunter” – all of which are reviewed below. So read on and then see for yourself: the wonder of Rafi Pitts.
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