In Memorium: Dublin Dr Pepper

I went to lunch today at a particular local deli because I knew they stocked both Amano chocolate and Dublin Dr Pepper and I wanted to pick up some of both.

Oddly I could not find any Dublin Dr Pepper.  When I inquired, they informed me that it no longer exists!

It turns out that this isn’t entirely true, but it is true enough.  Corporate Dr Pepper sued Dublin last year and early this year they entered into an agreement which resulted in Dublin halting production.  It turns out that most of the Dr Pepper sold in Dublin Dr Pepper bottles was actually made at another plant, which will continue making Dr Pepper with cane sugar, but without the Dublin branding.  It seems that the fact that you could buy Dublin Dr Pepper outside of their franchise area was an issue, and you can no longer order cane sugar Dr Pepper online.

In my opinion, this is a stupendous mistake on the part of Corporate Dr Pepper.  The original bottler was selling the original product and connoisseurs appreciated this.  If other bottlers felt hurt, they should use cane sugar as well.  And no, HFCS is not cane sugar and beet sugar isn’t cane sugar either.  Instead of catering to the real Dr Pepper lovers they’ve cut off our supply.  You’ve kicked sand in the face of your most ardent supporters.  Someone (the moron that thought this was a good idea) should be fired over this.

For this that want more information on this sad event, The Dallas Observer has details.


Who Is a Musical Genius?

I am currently obsessed with a particular musical genius. I’ll not say who in order to save that particular discussion for another day. But I began to wonder about who is and who is not recognized as a musical genius.

I have a crude way of measuring this: input the name along with the word “genius” into google and see how many results you get. Some of these are lighthearted.
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