SYTYCD, Season X

Season 10 of this show is under way and the top 20 have been chosen. This year’s contestants are maybe not my favorite group ever, but (as per usual) they include three dancers from my home state, which makes it fun to watch. Interestingly, whereas last season included two excellent ballroom dancers from Utah County that happened to be blonde and female and a bit hard to tell apart, this year’s group includes two excellent ballroom dancers from Utah County that happen to be brunette and female and a bit hard to tell apart. What are the odds? Strangely, one of this duo of ballroom babes, Brittany Cherry, was never shown on any episode prior to showing up in the top 20. Conspiracy? You tell me.

This year’s group also includes two animators (a new record) and three tappers (also a record). One of my favorites this year is a street performer named Fikshun who has never had a dance class in his life, but somehow seems to be killin’ it.

The early favorites appear to be Amy Yakima on the girls’ side and probably Tucker Knox for the guys. Are you watching this season? Who are your favorites?

5 thoughts on “SYTYCD, Season X

  1. The blindfold dance this week was amazing. LOVED it. She (I can’t remember her name!) is an early favorite for me.

  2. It is interesting you bring up a conspiracy, “back story” is a convenient way to introduce
    the performers and their “narratives” to the public, which obliviously gives them a huge advantage from the get go, as people become emotionally invested in their stories.

    Do not be fooled, now these girls actresses, as the show has evolved the top dancers completely embody their roles and characters, Allison, Eliana, and Melanie, show such emotional maturity in their work, Their faces are just as captivating as their movement.

    This season you have all these bombshells, not to the extent we have seen before, Amy, Hayley, Mackenzie, Jenna, and Brittany, all fit the wholesome brunette girl next door image with captivating stage presence, competing for the same votes.

    Remember Mariah auditioned last year and was featured in the auditions/ Vegas week. Yet they aired none of her back story or amazing Crumping footage this year, so the producers shape and control more of the perception process than we would think.

  3. gabby, the blindfold dance was Jasmine M. and Alan. You are right about Jasmine, she is the real deal.

    924, I’m not sure what you mean by all that. Brittany was not shown at all, as far as I know, not for one second, prior to her announcement as part of the top 20. I don’t think that has ever happened before and I can’t imagine why it happened this year. It’s weird.

  4. Can’t watch since I got rid of TV. Have they shaken it up a bit? The last season I watched got a bit boring because we’d seen it all before.

    No non-ballroom dancers from Utah this time? It used to be there’d usually be a contemporary dancer as well.

  5. Yes, two ballroom dancers and one contemporary. The contemporary girl is named Malece Miller, and she is definitely one of the favorites. Very young innocent blond. She was one of the dancers who got a lot of attention during auditions. She got dropped on her head during vegas week and came back to make the top 20. Mom sacrificed everything for her dance career. Great story.

    I’m watching, as usual, mostly online. Hulu carries the show on a delayed basis, and Youtube has a lot of the dances and episodes right after they air.

    I don’t know if they have shaken it up. There are always things that seem repetitive, but every year some of the dances are just amazing, which is what keeps me coming back.

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