Justified Season 4, The Americans


Season 4 of this great series is under way and I have just started watching it. I have my own thoughts about it so far, but since I am behind in my viewing, I thought I’d start a thread where others could share their thoughts. No spoilers please.


Also, is anyone watching the new FX series The Americans? I have been watching it and I’m mostly impressed. For those who don’t know, it’s about a couple of sleeper soviet spies living in the U.S. as an American couple during the 80s Reagan/cold war era, and stars Keri Russell as the conflicted female spy with a horrifying history and kickass fighting abilities. Let me know if you have been watching.

18 thoughts on “Justified Season 4, The Americans

  1. Yes and yes. Two of the best shows out there.

    This certainly isn’t my favorite season of Justified, but it’s still great. I like the new character on Boyd’s team, and there are some fun spoilers in the most recent episodes.

    As far as The Americans go, it’s great. My favorite new show in a while now. Some great actors, sympathetic characters on both the Russian and the American sides, and it’s fun to see Margo Martindale, an old Justified villain, show up again.

  2. Ron Eldard. Is there anything that guy can’t do? He’s had one of the most varied careers of any actor I’ve ever heard of, and now he’s Boyd’s head henchman.

    So far I’m liking this season a lot, but I haven’t seen that much of it yet. I really liked last season until the last couple episodes, which were a bit of a letdown.

    The Americans surprised me. I started watching because I figured anything with Keri Russell couldn’t be too bad, but then I got completely hooked. It’s a very, very good show, not least because it avoids all stereotypes and never does anything you expect. Meanwhile, the “marriage” between the two sleepers has to be one of the most intriguing relationships ever created on TV. They have two real honest to goodness kids together, but are they really married? In love? Friends? Lovers? You don’t know. Very, very compelling.

  3. The episode of The Americans dealing with the Reagan shooting was the best hour of television I’ve seen this season. It reenacted all of the fog of uncertainty and misreporting that I had completely forgotten about and extrapolated that to how it was experienced by the FBI and the sleeper agents. But maybe you had to have been there in 1981 to appreciate it.

    Since there aren’t many opportunities to plug new TV shows on Kulturblog these days, I’m going to take this opportunity to mention Continuum. It just finished its first season on Syfy, where it proved to have the strongest writing for a Syfy show since the second season of Gallactica. It is about to start its second season in Canada, so it’s worth catching up on before it returns to Syfy.

  4. SG recommended The Americans (in my head, “The Yanks”). I’ve seen two eps and I quite like it but will only love it if they do unexpected things.

  5. Having said that, I hate it when characters do stupid things just to serve the plot. Like when the Russian-American bloke let the FBI bloke into his garage to get a jumper cable even though there was another bloke in the boot.

  6. Ronan, I agree with you in principle, but I thought that scene was reasonable because he wanted to show the FBI agent that he was open and friendly rather than secretive. Also, remember that at the time he was flirting with the idea of defecting, so discovery might not have been a bad thing in his mind.

  7. My wife loves loves loves the Americans, but I haven’t picked it up because I am trying to winnow down what I watch, but she absolutely loves it.

    However, we do watch Justified together, and I think it’s the best season since 2. It’s hard to top Maggs. She was the freshest villain on TV in maybe a decade. However, the Drew Thompson storyline is quite compelling, and the exploration of the Harlan social elite has really put Boyd and Ava’s behavior in sharper focus.

  8. Oops, Winona is still around! Awesome. I thought she had jumped ship completely because of her role in The Following, with Kevin Bacon, but I guess not.

  9. I’m glad Limehouse is involved this season, he was too good not to bring back, but I’m really kinda bummed out that Arlo is gone. There were so many good moments with him and Raylan. I thought his last words were perfect.

  10. I think this season of Justified has been a disappointment. The series seems to be getting worse. It seems to me that the writers have been short on good ideas so they have tried to make up for that with a lot more gratuitous violence lately. The body count is high and mounting quickly.

  11. I’m still liking this season, but I agree it’s not as good as some in the past. The plot seems to be less compelling, but the characters are still great. I like the fact that we have seen more of Tim this season. I really like him as a character.

  12. I’m actually liking the crescendo here at the end of the Justified season. The pace is fast and the action is solid. I still think they are resorting to gratuitous violence too often this season but overall I am liking it better right now. Season finale next week!

    PS — I agree on Tim and on Patton.

  13. The last two episodes of Justified have been some of the best two of the series, although this isn’t the best season.

    Patton Oswalt has been great.

  14. “Drewabacca” Classic. Not since Christopher Walken interrogated Dennis Hopper has someone been such a bad ass under pressure.

  15. I’ve enjoyed The Americans. Anyone been watching Orphan Black? Pretty gripping as well.

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