A Run on Twinkies?

As probably none of you know I have an actual career.  I build tools for retailers to do data analytics.  Such being the case I have access to about 40 super markets worth of sales data.  In the wake of the collapse of Hostess no doubt some of you are wondering how quickly the Twinkies ran out.

So let’s look at a box of Twinkies first, and then at all of Hostess.

Box of Twinkies

Week Ending 10/30/12:

Units: 201

Sales: $964

Margin$: 68


Week Ending 11/6/12

Units: 226

Sales: $1,246

Margin$: $242


Week Ending 11/13/12

Units: 243

Sales: $1,296

Margin$: $398


Week Ending 11/20/12

Units: 428

Sales: $2,497

Margin$: $739


Now, looking at all products branded as Hostess (this does not include other brands such as Wonder Bread owned by Hostess)

Week Ending 10/24/12

Units: 1,175

Sales: $4,246

Margin$: $1,066


Week Ending 11/6/12

Units: 1,259

Sales: $5,121

Margin$: $1,734


Week Ending 11/13/12

Units: 1,296

Sales: $5,105

Margin$: $1,765


Week Ending 11/20/12

Units: 3,243

Sales: $13,159

Margin$: 4,456


So from this we can see that the retailer in question had about three weeks of Hostess products on hand, and there wasn’t any gouging.  Also, they weren’t selling a ton of Twinkies.  Less than a box per day per store prior to the run at the end.


Goodbye Twinkies, and my favorite, Ding Dongs.

3 thoughts on “A Run on Twinkies?

  1. So I guess they haven’t run out yet, and my understanding is that they probably won’t. I don’t eat any hostess products, but if did it would probably be dong-dongs. I won’t mourn much if Hostess is gone for good, but I suspect we will always have twinkies in one form or another.

  2. My understanding is that they’ve run out for now. If Bimbo or some other company buys the rights to various products we will likely see those products again. But selling one box per store per day is a pretty pathetic rate.

  3. I have a good friend who is/was in management at Hostess. He showed up at my doorstep Friday with a loaf of bread in his hand. “Here is some Wonder Bread from the last group to come off the line in Utah” he told me. So, my dilemma: Do we eat it, freeze it for posterity,
    or, as someone in ward council suggested, sell it on E-Bay?…We’re eating it.

    Dang, I’m gonna miss them Suzy Q’s.

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