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So a year that seemed like it should be fantastic has turned out to be pretty disappointing. Prometheus, the highly anticipated prequel to Alien turned out to be visually stunning but had a script so egregiously bad you couldn’t even lay back and just enjoy the visuals. Dark Knight Rises, while far from a bad movie, was pretty disappointing to many people as well. However one of the highly anticipated movies of the year, Skyfall, is thus far getting nothing but rave reviews.

It’s hard to talk about a film that isn’t released for American audiences for about a month. However I thought I would throw out the lead song. I thought “Do You Know My Name” from Casino Royal was arguably one of the best Bond themes ever. Quantum of Solace was inferior to Casino Royal on most levels, including the music. It wasn’t a bad song but somehow was pretty forgettable. 

The new song by Adele tries to be a little more akin to the classic themes like Goldfinger or Nobody Knows it Better. Say what you will about the Roger Moore films. I don’t care for them. But he did manage to swing a lot of great theme songs. However a lot of people are saying it uses overly easy rhyming and is also a tad forgettable. It does manage to mix in more classic Bond cues into the song and has that more lush orchestral feel that many of the early Bond songs did. I’m just not sure Adele’s voice is quite up to it. I think someone with more of a Jazz background would have brought something far more interesting. What do you think?

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  1. The Casino Royale opening credits were cool but the theme song by Chris Cornell is nothing special. I like the Quantum of Solace theme song better just because it’s Jack White and Alicia Keys, but given what those two are capable of, it should have been much better than it was.

    The new one is cool. I like it all the way around. If you’re going to complain about it, the place to start is not Adele’s voice.

  2. Sounds like a classic Bond theme to me. Few of them are great. But most don’t stick with you. This one is better than most.

  3. To be fair the place I started wasn’t Adele’s voice. It was overly repetitive and simple rhymes and a certain forgeability. Even with a great voice a bad song will ruin it. Look at how well sung Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever are and then look at Moonraker.

    However by the same measure, even if this song isn’t as strong as it could be, imagine Shirley Bassey singing this.

  4. With all due respect, I still think that Daniel Craig don’t typified the british way of live. He is a very got actor and his Bond Movies are amusing. But he is not James Bond ;)

  5. The only disappointing thing about “QUANTUM OF SOLACE” was that I found the movie’s pacing in the first half too fast. I could have also deleted at least two character. Otherwise, it was a pretty damn good movie. After “CASINO ROYALE”, fans wanted Eon Productions to explore the emotional fallout of Vesper’s death. “QUANTUM OF SOLACE” did just that. And instead, fans complained about how it was too different from the typical Bond movie. Human beings can be ridiculously fickle.

  6. The problem with Quantum of Solace was that there literally was no script. The director and Daniel Craig whipped it up – often as they went. That was due to the writers strike. Honestly I thought they went too far into copying Bourne and the action didn’t work on the big screen as well as the small one.

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