Is anyone watching Revolution?

What do you think so far?

I’m still undecided. I think it has potential, but so far it hasn’t really hooked me.

Last summer, my husband and I were given the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and we watched the entire thing (and then moved on to Angel!). I remember discussing with him then that one of the great things about Joss Whedon’s tv shows is he creates a world with a history of stuff that’s already happened. So many TV shows seem to only concern themselves with what is going on in the present with characters. The past may as well have not existed at all. Stories start in the now and progress from there. Yeah, there may be some back story for characters, but not like there is in a Joss Whedon show.
I never watched Lost, but I know from the way people talk about it that it was similar. And Revolution has that going for it too–there’s a whole of lot of important stuff that happened before in the storyline that we don’t know about. The hook is trying to figure out what it was–or just enjoying it being revealed to us little by little.

That’s what has me still watching for now. I realize that a show like this takes some time to build into something. That’s the great thing about TV as  a medium–long-term storytelling.

The problem I have with the show is I don’t think the characters are all that interesting (yet). It’s completely unrealistic–not just the whole physics thing (my husband pointed out last night that combustion still works, cuz guns do, and diesel engines run without electricity…), but also–the fight scenes! Yeah I know, when are fight scenes ever realistic? But come on.

And a lot of it is pretty predictable. Of course the uncle is going to help her, of course the niece is going to run off and join him when he tries to ditch her, etc.

But I’m hoping it develops into something good. REALLY hoping it doesn’t become some stupid soap opera love triangle, like that zombie show did.

12 thoughts on “Is anyone watching Revolution?

  1. I liked the first episode enough to give the second episode a try. The dialogue in the second episode is horrible. And the teenage pseudo-romance isn’t any better.

    Potential? Maybe. But if I’m up for watching a modern post-apocalypse TV show, I’ll stick to Falling Skies.

  2. Ever since Jericho died (NUTS!), I’ve been hoping for a good post-apocalypse show that would at least be as good as Jericho was (which while it was awesome enough, that bar is admittedly not really that high). Falling Skies is certainly close, but it seems to be struggling right now with it’s overall story arc and pacing (and they REALLY need a better dialogue editor). I hold out hopes for Revolution. I’m hoping the title will begin to make sense for the story as a whole soon: I’m hoping it describes people revolting against the status quo that has emerged in the electricity-less world instead of being about how the loss of electricity has revolutionized the world. The latter meaning for the title would suck because I want the pitch for the show to be about more than “people ambling about in a world without electricity” or, even worse, “people fighting to bring the power back on to get things back to the way they were” (yeah right, because our world right now is a utopia compared to a forced agrarian, pre-industrial society depicted? Must humanity always descend into serfdom and slavery when our toys are taken away? I’m hoping these issues come up sometime; they did in Jericho and that’s what I loved about it). There’s some great potential in the premise (as evidenced in the not-bad “Dies the Fire” series and older versions of the same premise), I hope they can measure up.

  3. The Jericho comparison is a good one. It was much easier to believe Jericho was how things would go down. I like the idea of Revolution, I’m just not into the characters and the world yet. It’s good enough that i’m going to give it a few more episodes, hopefully it gets a little better.

    And I know everyone is complaining about the same thing, but even though the outdoor shots look like electricity has been gone for a while, how come every indoor set looks totally clean like they just went through it with a vacuum? And how come everyone’s clothes are so dang clean?

  4. I agree that “Revolution” has potential, but it’s not there yet, or even close. What made “Lost” such a great show (and I was hooked from the first episode) was its character development, and it was extensive enough to show they all had flaws and virtues. So far, the characters here seem more like stock figures than people I’d like to know more about.

    As to the zombie show, assuming that the original post is referring to “The Walking Dead,” I have to differ. Again, it’s the characters that make the show, and also in this case the continuing issue of how (or if) the old laws of morality apply in world that has been remade. Aside from the gore, the show is much more than a soapy love triangle.

  5. I didn’t make it very far into The Walking Dead. The love triangle at the beginning was enough to kill it for me. If this show does anything that lame I’ll bail on it too.

    So far the only character I’m interested in is the mother.

  6. In comparison to other post-apocalyptic shows, I would rank Revolution as follows:

    1. Jericho
    2. Jeremiah
    3. Falling Skies
    4. Revolution

    1. Falling Skies (especially season 2)
    2. Jeremiah
    3. Revolution (so far)
    4. Jericho

    And nobody has noted the Hunger Games ripoffs!

  7. I enjoyed the first episode well enough, except for the unexpected death near the beginning. I kind of liked him. I would probably watch it, except that the daughter’s clothing really bugged my wife, with the bare midriff and clean seams. And also the crossbows, how many of those ARE there anyway?

    If it was an EMP, it makes sense for anything electronic, but not anything as you say, combustion. And it wouldn’t prevent people from making electricity ever again. Did some alien or robotic force stick a big Matrix pod around the Earth and sucking all the electricity that _could_ get generated?

    Chances are that I’ll just read the story synopses online.

  8. I watched the pilot, but haven’t watched the second episode yet. It felt like a very by-the-numbers high-concept serial drama to me, similar to The Event, FlashForward, or Jericho. The acting came off as soap-opera grade to me. I’m not sure if the fault is with the writing or the actors, but it didn’t seem believable. I’ll probably stick with it for another epsiode or two, but it’s going to have to do better to keep me interested. Contrast the pilot for Lost, which immediately sucked me in and introduced interesting characters with their own motivations, and it’s pretty easy to see that this show isn’t measuring up.

  9. “…except that the daughter’s clothing really bugged my wife, with the bare midriff and clean seams…”

    My comment during the pilot was that the daughter was a combination of Katniss Everdeen and Kim Possible.

  10. For some reason I thought of Jeremiah right away as well. I haven’t seen some of the other shows mentioned.

    What has me NOT hooked so far is the 15 (or whatever) years later thing. The premise would be 10 times as exciting to watch events unfold from the flash point.

  11. I’m still hopeful that it will pick up some momentum. So far, it seems to me to be a mix of highly predictable plot lines, and some real mystery like Lost. Acting has not been great, but I like some of the way it’s unfolding. My favorite line so far is the ex-Google employee who mentions that when the power went out, he had $60 million in the bank, and after 15 years, he has not lost his inner geek.

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