My New Favorite Song Updated!

Just digging this song from the recent Blink-182 album Neighborhoods. The song is called After Midnight:

Just for Peter, Here is Ghost On The Dancefloor, Live!

And here’s the whole show!!!

6 thoughts on “My New Favorite Song Updated!

  1. Those Blink182 guys went to my high school (Poway High). I met them when I was volunteering at an indie record label in the mid 90s. (Seems like they were just going by “Blink” then and had to change it when MCA signed them because that name was already taken)

  2. Very cool Geoff. So did they all go to high school together? I like that they have a very recognizable sound and I think they are just a lot of fun, but I especially like Travis Barker. He is maybe my favorite drummer of all time. I have never seen anyone play the drums like that guy.

  3. I like that track too, though I have to give the nod to Ghosts on the Dance Floor as my favorite song on that album. I don’t know about the others, but Mark Hoppus graduated three years ahead of me from Burroughs High School, so if he was hanging out at Poway High he was loitering.

  4. The band formed in Poway with Delonge and Hoppus. I thought both grew up there and went to PHS but the wiki says Hoppus moved there just after graduating HS.

    I am older than them anyway so never crossed paths with Delonge in HS, although my younger brother did.

  5. I guess it was Delonge and the original drummer who were the Poway High kids.

    I just was reminded that they recorded some of their early stuff at Double Time Studios in El Cajon. It is a tiny studio in a storage unit park and that is where my bank, Noisepie, recorded our albums too. Good times.

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