3 YouTube Videos That Prove Ronan Is Wrong About Me Being Wrong

In response to my sporting friend Mr Head’s post, i would like to provide a pithy retort.

“Toby Maguire is good and expresses well Peter’s pain and awkwardness.”

Look at that quality sad face.

 ““with great power comes great responsibility” line was great. I remember it. People remember it.”

This quote becomes cheapened when we realise Uncle Ben stole it from a Polio survivor and reworded it; “In a democratic world, as in a democratic Nation, power must be linked with responsibility” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“But as Raimi’s Spiderman was part of the genesis of the new superhero genre, you can’t really accuse it of being formulaic.”

I did nothing of the sort. I merely pointed out the merits in attempting to re-work these pre-established notions.

“Raimi’s Spiderman is neither kiddie nor camp.”




You might argue that the last video is from Spider-Man 3. I know it is, but i couldn’t help but include it. Ha!

8 thoughts on “3 YouTube Videos That Prove Ronan Is Wrong About Me Being Wrong

  1. 1. That’s the face of a nerdy little boy. Which is the point.
    2. Just shows that Ben was well read.
    3. That TAS is different does not make it better.
    4. The clips just serve to remind me why Raimi’s is better: it actually has humour.
    5. If we’re going to use Spiderman 3, I concede. Still, see #4.

  2. somehow i think TAS laughs at your PhD and beats your Spider-Man’s 7.4 IMDB rating with a 7.7.

    The numbers don’t lie. TAS is simply a better film.

  3. Metacritic:

    Raimi’s Spider Man: 73

    The Amazing Spider Man: 66

    The numbers don’t lie. TAS is simply not as good.

    I also feel like Garfield is not true to the spirit of the character. Garfield’s parker is just too good looking and cool.

    And funny you brought up JJJ. His absence alone is reason enough to give the nod to Raimi’s version.

  4. Ok, ok. Lets all agree to disagree. I personally feel no threat is made to the character from the handsome talented Andrew Garfield, (why do all geeks have to be Christopher Mintz-Plasse?) and enjoy watching him a whole lot more than pinheaded Maguire.

    I think one thing is safe to say, and that is either way – both of these films are good at what they do. They both present individual takes on an interesting narrative.

    Ghost Rider is always there to remind us of when something goes horribly wrong….twice!

  5. Wait JJJ isn’t in the new Spiderman?!?!?

    Ghost Rider, The Punisher, Green Lantern, and one could go on. I’m just glad the new Spiderman is apparently better than the trailers made it out to be. (Going to try and see it this weekend) Still, it’ll be swamped by the greatness that will be the rise of the Dark Knight. (Please don’t disappoint me Nolan. Please…)

  6. BTW – this gives me hope about Dark Knight Rises. I’m looking forward to a summer blockbuster that’s a bit more that fluff. Give this summer’s crop some credit. For all it’s many, many failures at least Prometheus tried something more. (Ridley Scott just happens to be at his worse when he comes up with his own stories rather than adapting someone else’s) For all my complaining I’ll even credit Avengers for being above average for a comic book movie and for avoiding the utter insulting incomprehensibility of the Transformers films. Yet some people were comparing this year to the golden year of amazing geek films: 1982. I think we still have a ways to go before we reach that…

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