Playlist Challenge: Whistling and Handclaps Edition

Pretty self-explanatory: five songs featuring whistling and/or handclaps.

1. “Young Folks” – Peter Bjorn and John (whistling)

2. “Annie Waits” – Ben Folds (handclaps)

3. “Home” – Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros (whistling)

4. “Let’s Fall Back in Love” – Slow Club (handclaps)

5. “Centerfold” – The J. Geils Band (both handclaps and whistling)

11 thoughts on “Playlist Challenge: Whistling and Handclaps Edition

  1. The Cars have a lot of clapping songs–or at least, percussion that sounds like it should be clapping. Hard to tell the difference sometimes.

  2. A lot of 80s bands had hand claps because that was when it became easy to add that sound via computer or synthesizer.

    One of the most famous songs with whistling was this one from 1977:

  3. Glad Billy Joel’s “the Stranger” made it in there.

    For whistling, there’s also “Patience” by Guns ‘n Roses.

  4. The Beatles (actually, George): “Here Comes the Sun” has a great hand clap part on the bridge: two triplet 3/8 measures followed by one 5/8 measure, followed by a 4/4 measure and then a 3/4 measure. Wonderful… I used to clap along…

    Also, there’s a lovely moment by John Lennon whistling at the fade out to “Beautiful Boy” on the Double Fantasy album.

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