7 thoughts on “The Voice Demonstrates Why It’s the Best Singing Competition on TV

  1. I’m liking it a lot better this year. The judges seem more comfortable with what they’re doing, maybe. Or maybe I just am more used to the format.

    I kept waiting for someone to suggest that the two R&B singers should just release an album together!

  2. They really did sound great together. One of the reasons I like this show is that the battle rounds really seem to bring out the best in some of these singers.

    It sure looks like the smart money is on Christina’s team this season. I can’t imagine who is going to beat Jesse or Chris Mann.

  3. I love that Blake kept Raelynn, the little country girl who is all style. The other singer out-sang her but I root for the stylists, they’re more interesting.

  4. I agree. Her voice is much more unique and enjoyable. You notice Blake is never overly impressed with the power singers. He cares about storytelling, individuality and believability. I agree with him, although I disagreed when he picked Monique over Chris Mann. Mann is a huge power singer but he brought emotional content as well as being pretty unique himself.

    The only final decision I really disagreed with so far was CeeLo choosing Cheesa over Angie. I seem to never agree with CeeLo.

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