The Other Shows: Death Watch Edition

So the latest ratings are out and…well TV isn’t doing well at all. I think most of us had a feeling that things were in trouble. There really weren’t a lot of shows people got excited about. But when you look at the ratings it really is bad.

If you like Once Upon a Time feel good because that shows almost certainly safe. Grimm. Well things look Grimm. The best it has to offer is that nearly all of NBC’s shows look bad except for The Voice.

Since most of the stuff on TV I can’t stand I’ll just focus on the shows I do like (or once liked).

House has had pretty bad ratings slips. So I assume it got worse after I stopped watching. It’s unfortunate but then honestly the show jumped the shark last season.

Alcatraz went from OK to death spiral. This last episode got a 1.9 rating which is nearly Fringe levels of watching. But this is an expensive show. I like the idea but they put the police procedural too front and center. It’s just not interesting enough. Plus the lead woman bugs me. We’ll see if they can pick it up. Really though the problem isn’t the concept – it’s the implementation of writing. Compare and contrast to Lost which it borrows a lot from. At this stage I’m pretty skeptical it’ll be renewed.

Speaking of Fringe how bad is it?  It’s been doing 1.1’s.  Yeah. That bad.  I’ve really liked the show although I’m a little behind in episodes.

Walking Dead is surprisingly doing fantastic. I gave up on it long ago. But it’s getting network TV style ratings for the network. I think this is more because people want it to be good rather than it really having good writing. But that’s just me.

Justified? It’s the pinnacle of TV writing right now but isn’t getting the love it deserves. Probably not bad enough to be canceled but it’s been getting a 1.0 or lower for a while now. So a lot probably depends upon how expensive it is. Why is it the real good stuff is never popular enough?




16 thoughts on “The Other Shows: Death Watch Edition

  1. For a Friday show, Grimm is actually doing pretty well. It is in good shape for renewal.

    I’m curious about people’s reaction to Napoleon Dynamite. My take is that you have to evaluate it independently of the movie. It is much more fast-paced than the movie and exploits it’s cartoon status to do things the movie couldn’t have. But it is funny. I hope it gets more episodes. Ratings, however, are in the toss-up range.

  2. I still really enjoy Fringe, and Grimm too. Can’t say I’m a fan of any of the crap with high ratings, don’t bother with Dancing or The Voice or American Idol or any reality TV…

  3. As you may know, the producers have already announced that this will be House’s last season (meaning the season finale will also be the series finale). This seems about right to me. I stopped watching near the beginning of last season. I may tune in to the series finale just to see what the writers come up with.

  4. I watched Napoleon Dynamite (the 4th episode) based upon Motley Vision’s review. I found the more surreal elements (like a bicycling bear) a bit off putting. It really it taking a heavy dose of what’s made Fox’s other animated shows successful (for better or worse – I liked the early Simpsons much, much more). Still there’s a lot of the charm of the original and it was much funnier than I expected. I’d heard bad things about it originally.

    It’s doing about on par with the Simpsons so I suspect it’ll be on for a while unless things change. It’s not as strong as the other shows but I think it’s doing well enough for now.

  5. Alcatraz is terrible. It’s just weak writing that’s not going anywhere.

    Fringe… sad to say but my guess is this is the last season. It’s been on death watch every year since it started, so who knows where it really will end up.

    The crazy thing is that Pawn Stars is beating all of these shows!

  6. Anyone watching The River? I caught the pilot which was decent but it’s all plot and no character. I wish people would realize that the real strength of “Lost” was the fact that there were so many great characters to follow.

    FYI, the pilot episode of Awake is now available on Hulu and most OnDemand channels. I’m going to try to watch it tonight and have a review up soon. It’s the one new show I’ve been waiting for the most.

  7. Fringe has more or less been stated to end this year. They’ve not come out and said it’s canceled yet but they said it was a very expensive show and they needed better ratings to keep it. And that was months go. (Of course maybe you should have thought about that before moving it to Friday!)

    Completely agree on the Alcatraz writing. The comic book guy I actually like. But the other two are far from interesting. Love the actor playing the warden though. He really dominates every scene he is in. Too bad the writing is so poor.

  8. Smash is hurting. I question NBC’s reasoning in putting it up against to established successful shows targeting the same demographic in Hawaii 5-0 and Castle. I know they wanted the lead-in from The Voice, but people now know how to switch channels.

  9. We’re looking forward to Awake as well. That guy (I’ll probably always think of him as Malfoy) was on a mini-series in the UK based on books by Kate Atkinson. Fun, fun stuff. (And the accents!) Looks interesting enough for my wife to want to watch it. (And getting her to watch new shows is … difficult.) We still have the pilots for Touch and Alcatraz sitting on the DVR. Unless it’s a new USA show; those she’ll give a chance any time. =)

    I just started watching last season’s Dexter. There have been several times that I have gotten a really good laugh out of it. (Oh great, I just got a sample of my own DNA) Kind of weird seeing Colin Hanks going from being one of The Good Guys (literally) to this.

  10. Those numbers for Justified make me sad, that show is so great. I never got into American Idol, DWTS, X Factor or any of the others, but The Voice has me hooked. I wouldn’t mind a little less of the hard luck stories from the contestants. Just sing.

  11. Grimm continues to be good, fun TV.

    I’ve watched the first episodes of “Awake” and “Touch,” and will continue watching to see where they go. They both seem like they could be good shows or total flops. Hard to tell at this point.

  12. FHL, I won’t say anything about Dexter. There’s a lot I like about it although in many ways the show lost the punch it had in the first two seasons. When it tries social commentary it’s been pretty ham fisted. (Like the “commentary” about suburbia in the season where his wife died)

    All that said something happens in a key turning point in the season which still bugs the heck out of me.

  13. I don’t really understand the “Broadcast Network or Bust” business. There are multiple shows that a) does well among critics, b) has a loyal cult following, and c) does poor numbers on the so-called “major networks” but potentially enough viewers for a cable channel. “Community” and “Fringe” come immediately to mind. So why, instead of outright cancelling them, the studio wouldn’t consider selling them to a cable channel (especially one that network already owns)?

    Fox has FX: imagine a two-hour block one night of “American Horror Story” and “Fringe.” Or, for that matter, “Fringe” would also work on the SyFy channel, and might even raise the overall quality of original programming there.

    NBC has USA: I can see “Community,” while not a perfect fit, working well enough.

    Why not? Is it just the cost of producing each episode – money the cable networks don’t have (and additional infusion of capital from their parent network would be impractical)? Is is contractual arrangements between the cable network and their corporate parents? Does anyone know?

    I may be wrong here, but it seems to me that the only shows on broadcast network TV that do boffo numbers anymore are the reality show competitions (Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc.). Maybe the networks and their coporate overlords should consider ceding much of prime time to those kinds of shows (they do anyway during sweeps), and raising the quality of the programming on their sibling cable stations by moving those dramas that do well – but not “well enough” – over to the likes of USA, Syfy, and FX.

  14. Sadly the Walking Dead is also on the downward spiral. It feels like after the first season they lost their budget or something. The characters seem to be going in circles and they still haven’t left the farm despite threats to do so on every one of the last 121 episodes.

    I’m not giving up on it yet, the cast is pretty good, but unless they pull it together quick I think that despite its fame it’ll be short lived.

    Fully agree on Justified though. What a show!

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