11 thoughts on “NFL Playoffs & Fan Demographics

  1. Seems odd for 20% to be red and 60% to be blue, considering the number of states in each category. Lots of Utahns and Spuds voting, I guess?

    Go Steve Young! (I wish I could look up on Wikipedia whether he still has any involvement with the 49ers, but, hey, Wiki-blackout.)

  2. FHL,
    Actually, Utahns and Idahoans make up about 0% proportion of the total votes (at the time I counted, anyway). The 20% comes from other states–roughly 20% of the population is voting for SanFran. Only in Utah/Idaho does the absolute number of SanFran votes exceed the absolute number of votes for the other teams.

  3. I did some Twitter research on this baffling question last week and got my answer. Turns out both BYU and UofU fans have reason to love the 49ers.

    BYU has gobs of old connections to the Niners. Beloved BYU sons Steve Young, Tom Holmoe, and even Brandon Doman all played for them. When you combine that with the fact that Utah has no NFL team the Niners have been long been the NFL team of choice for many BYU fans.

    Utah fans have Alex Smith to root for now as well.

    It all adds up to Utah and southern Idaho being full of Niners fans.

  4. Geoff J,
    I think it is actually older than that, though. Young played for the Niners starting in 1987–but virtually everyone I knew in my Mormon-corridor childhood was either a Niners fan or a Broncos fan long before this.

    This leads me to believe it was simple geography and nothing more. The Broncos and Niners were just the 2 closest teams geographically to that area. The other candidate–the Raiders–was too “evil” to garner much support from the Mormon corridor.

  5. Hard to believe there’s that many Giants fans out there. I think people are just expressing approval of them beating the Packers. From what I hear, people are tired of the Packers and are glad there are going to be some different teams in the conference championships and the superbowl. I’m rooting for a 49ers/Ravens superbowl, but I can tolerate the Patriots if I have to, so long as the 49ers are there. And then they need to win!

  6. “Hard to believe there‚Äôs that many Giants fans out there.”

    Well, the poll question is not “who’s your favorite team left in the NFL Playoffs?” It is “Who is the hottest team entering NFL Conference Championship weekend?” After finishing the season with huge wins over the Jets and Cowboys to sneak into the playoffs, they blew out the Falcons and then knocked off the defending champs pretty convincingly. By comparison, the 49ers barely beat two mediocre to poor teams the last 2 weeks of the reg. season, and while their victory over the Saints was big, it was far from convincing. From an objective point of view, the Giants probably are the NFL’s hottest team.

  7. I want the Giants to face the Patriots in a Superbowl rematch, and once again beat the living crap out of those cheating, Tebow-hurting bastards.

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