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Having already blogged about Denmark’s excellent Forbrydelsen, it’s time to introduce you to more Danish televisual excellence, this time in the form of a political drama called Borgen. Now that Sarah Lund has entered the British Zeitgeist (this AbFab skit is brilliant), it seems that BBC4 is keen to continue to scour Scandinavia for cool stuff.

The series tells the story of Birgitte Nyborg, a female politician who navigates around Macchiavelli to become prime minister of Denmark. There’s not much more to say than that, only that it deftly portrays the machinations of European coalition politics and makes its characters believably human, i.e. they do human and not TV-human things. I physically applauded at the end of the second episode, which is an RJH sign that something is good. Fans of The Killing II will be delighted to see the return of the actor who played Strange, Lund’s sidekick. Man crush alert.

Borgen shows on LinkTV. Alas, a US remake is apparently on the cards.

I can’t find an embeddable trailer anywhere. Follow this link instead.

3 thoughts on “More Danish

  1. I am sure there are means.

    I’ve heard a theory as to why these shows are so popular. Subtitles. It forces you to put away your smart phone and actually concentrate on a story for an hour. Old skool TV.

  2. It is more left wing propaganda from the BBC. That aside, I am watching it, and I am starting to fall in love with all of the characters. I am starting to fall in love with Birgitte Nyborg’ smile. What is wrong with me?

    I wish I could have been her on that flight to Greenland and met the people to see how they were and what was wrong with them. What a scenery in HD and the shots in the snow. Tremendous. I wish we could go back to where some of our ancestors came from, become Danish and get involved in their politics!!!


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