Best Christmas Traditions

It’s less than a week until Christmas. Mere days. Yet we’ve not had a single Christmas discussion. In past years we’ve discussed the best Christmas animation, best Christmas presents, Christmas albums, horrible Christmas songs, Christmas movies, and a lot more. There’s almost nothing left to talk about. So what’s left? How about…


OK, some of my favorite traditions I’ve not been able to do as I’ve been working in a job that’s rather busy and hectic before Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas: Each day for twelve days before Christmas we’d celebrate a different nationality’s Christmas. We’d eat food from there, learn the traditions and often have something fun. So for Sweden we learned about Black Pete which used to be their version of Santa Claus. (He’d knock on the door and throw in candy)

Decorate the Tree: Yes, I know this seems lame but I used to get so into this. I loved it. My dad would usually be exhausted as he was a college professor. I remember him getting so mad trying to get the lights working. But decorating the tree. Good times.

Seeing the Lights: Blast the Christmas songs in the car and drive around to see the great lights. Much more fun when it’s snowing. (Utah is having a green Christmas this year)

Disguising Presents: Half the fun was trying to get people to guess what you got them which involved strategic boxes that looked nothing like what was inside.


7 thoughts on “Best Christmas Traditions

  1. We’ve had various traditions over the years with our kids, all of these on Christmas Day:

    Going to a movie*
    Going out to breakfast
    Cooking a big breakfast*
    Going to the beach for a picnic lunch
    Going to the park for a game of kickball

    We don’t live near any extended family, so it’s just us on Christmas Day. After you open presents, it can be kinda boring (esp if you’re up early–the day lasts forever), so I’ve always tried to have something fun to do.

    *We’ll probably do these this year.

  2. Disguising Presents: I like it! You almost have to with CDs, DVDs, video games. (Or just use gift bags.) And at least once, you have to wrap something special inside multiple wrapped levels. (Box in a box in a box.) Had one misfire where I had taped the present to the lid of one box and it got missed.

    Of late, the Christmas Tradition seems to be “How stressed out can we get this week?” I think this year’s going to be a long-standing winner.

  3. This year I am doing what I hope to be an ongoing tradition. On Christmas Eve, I am answering phone calls at the “NORAD Tracks Santa” center. All day long, people can call in and find out where Santa is, and what time he will be at their house. Part of our script emphasizes the point that Santa doesn’t come to a house until the children are asleep. And as usual, the website will show video of some of NORAD’s jet fighters escorting Santa on his travels. I’m more excited for that than for anything else this year.

  4. We’ve had a tradition that involved taking presents to one of the refugee families in town, but last year when we did that, we ended up getting a view of more crime going down at a park than you typically see on an episode of CSI. So, we’re looking for a new way to do that tradition this year.

    We always decorate the house and the tree on a Sunday night with the Christmas music on. And on Christmas morning we do a special breakfast that we don’t have any other time of the year.

  5. Before christmas We:

    Watch white Christmas
    Read Luke 2
    Read the littlest angel
    Decorate the tree
    Go to the In laws
    Go sing at an old folks home

    We keep the schedule pretty loose

    When I was a kid we:
    Went to captain D’s (knock off of long john silvers) for dinner
    Went to see a movie with my brother

    And presents of course

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