Him & Her: Season 1

In my slightly sheltered world there has been very little buzz about ‘Him & Her’.  This is surprising because the second season recently began in the UK on BBC Three.  Let me be upfront: I think this is great and it is definitely worth re-visiting the first (short) season to catch up.  Him & Her is a sedentary sit-com revolving around the mundane lives of two London twenty-somethings.

Very much in the genre of other popular British comedies, Him & Her draws inspiration from both The Royale Family and Gavin & Stacey.  What makes this unique is the slightly more light-hearted take on the mundane, in contrast the seriousness of the Royale Family, and the seemingly static lives of this couple in contrast to the perpetually mobile Gaving and Stacey.

Steve (Russell Tovey – The History Boys) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) are content with just each other and their flat: they eat, they sleep and they have sex.  The repetitious nature of the early stage of a relationship is captured wonderfully while the list of characters which punctuate their habitat are hackneyed but lively: A BNP-supporting sister[1], a strange and lonely neighbour and awkwardly affectionate parents.  Yet, amidst the slightly chaotic cast of ancillary character, there are moments of genuine tenderness and affection which also avoid sentimentality.  Although Him & Her is not particularly innovative, it is a well-written British comedy.

[1] BNP is an acronym for the British National Party.  I do not want to drive traffic to their website and so will not link to them here but trust me when I say these are bad peoples.

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  1. I know what you mean but this is not the usual BBC three fare. If you liked either of the two shows mentioned in the OP then you may well enjoy this.

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