The Sing Off

We talked about this show a little bit last season, and it was really fun to watch. I was skeptical that it could come back and continue to mine new talent in this area in the new season because, after all, how many good a capella groups can there be out there?

Well it turns out, plenty more. The new season started recently with 16 groups(!). The line-up has several college groups, including one from BYU called Vocal Point. They did a Justin Bieber song (Never Say Never) this week which drew a funny comment from judge Ben Folds (who really makes the show) that he would never again think that he wouldn’t want to hear a bunch of Mormons sing Bieber. But these guys are much better with an old standard like Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight:

That’s my favorite Sinatra song, and I loved the way they did it, except that I wish they would have slowed it down again in the end and ended like they started.

There’s also a female supergroup formed from past contestants from previous seasons (and there have been only two previous seasons) called Delilah:

And another group of college boys from Rochester called the Yellowjackets:

But the best group so far is probably Afro Blue, who I could listen to all day:

The second bracket seems weaker to me, but I liked this performance from Sonos:

And this from Deltones:

The group that got kicked off this week turned in this amazing performance:

Let me know if you’re watching this. If you’re not, check it out because it’s pretty fun.

11 thoughts on “The Sing Off

  1. Isn’t Nicole a judge on X Factor now?

    Funny thing I noticed while watching The Sing Off: Nick Lachey is so smooth and professional as a host that he almost seems computer generated. It makes me appreciate hosts like Ryan Seacrest and Cat Deely that actually come across as real people who are involved with and care about the contestants.

  2. We’re DVRing it because we love Sara Bareilles. We’ve seen Vocal Point perform locally, too, so that should be fun. We’re not really into reality TV, though, so I’m not sure how much we’ll enjoy it overall.

  3. I don’t really consider talent competition shows to be “reality TV.” At least not in the same way that The Real Housewives of Whatever, or Jersey Shore, or The Hills, or even The Real World or Survivor is reality TV. I hate that kind of reality TV but I like talent competitions (some of them anyway) because you sometimes see some very talented musicians when they are just starting out, which is always fun.

  4. I really dislike Afro Blue but I think it’s because they’ve chosen songs that I really really hate.

    So far I don’t think anyone compares to the top 3 acts from last season.

  5. Afro Blue’s problem is that they are very jazz oriented. That’s going to make them less accessible than the groups that are more pop oriented, but I think those who appreciate jazz will love them.

    I agree that last season’s final three were awesome, but give it time. Groups get better as the season goes on.

  6. Yes Nicole is a judge on the X factor now.

    I can’t stand Cat Deely. Nick comes off a little too game show host or something for me.

  7. Cat Deely just won an emmy. The reason I like her is that she actually seems that she likes the contestants, she says pretty funny things sometimes, and of course, she’s hot. What’s not to like?

  8. That’s the reason I don’t like Nick Lachey. To me, he seems like a huge phony, while Cat seems natural and like she’s having a lot of fun.

    It’s ironic, because Nick actually was in a group like the contestants on The Sing Off, while Cat has never been a dancer. You’d think he would be the one connecting with the contestants, but it sure doesn’t seem that way.

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