8 thoughts on “Good news, Avatar fans

  1. I’m really looking forward to this. These guys are really talented storytellers.

    Just please, no one tell M. Night.

  2. PS, I guess they had to keep “The Last Airbender” for branding reasons, but it seems like kind of an anachronism, does it not.

  3. I think Viacom needs to learn a little something about the whole purpose of putting together a trailer.

  4. Still a long ways off though. It’s not supposed to start airing until late spring or early summer 2012.

    I loved the first one though. I discovered it by accident when my first son started watching TV beyond teletubbies. It was already on the 3rd season and I ended up downloading all of them. It was great. Arguably the best animated series outside of Samurai Jack.

    I’m really curious if they manage to make this one as good.

  5. Sweet. Thanks for the tip. I can’t wait. (Also I can’t wait for a reboot of the M Night fiasco on the big screen)

    Here is a (currently) working version on the trailer:

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