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The final performances for this show were a bit odd, because they involved an original song (but not necessarily written by the performer) and a duet with their coach. No individual cover songs. For the first time, the teams are competing against each other, not against their own teammates. I think it’s pretty obvious that the winner should be either Dia or Javier. I would give the edge to Javier on performance alone, but there’s something so lovable about Dia that I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins it.

Javier also benefitted from an unfair advantage: Adam Levine. It’s hard to imagine a more engaged and intelligent coach for preparing to sing a song on national TV or for singing a duet with. He absolutely killed it as a coach and producer and he’s a rock solid performer. Dia had great support from Blake, but he has much less creative ability to bring to the table and a much more pedestrian voice and performance level on stage. Here are their performances:

Javier’s original song:

Dia’s original song:

Dia’s duet with Blake:

Javier’s duet with Adam:

Who will win? Did you vote?

20 thoughts on “The Voice – Finals

  1. There’s a legitimate case to be made that the premise of this show: a search for the best “voice” apart from all the other trappings that tend to favor the most attractive or most showy contestants; should favor someone like Beverly, since she has an amazing voice but not a lot of other appealing qualities.

    The problem is that, unless we’re all going to watch the show with our backs to the tv, as the judges did in the early episodes, it’s impossible to divorce the voice from the other qualities of the performer, such as appearance, pesonality, star quality, etc.

    On top of that, although Beverly has a great voice, it’s not markedly better than Javier or Dia, who also have excellent pipes. Dia in particular is, in my mind, the most unique performer to come along in a while. If she wins the crown, it won’t be just because she’s cute. She deserves it.

  2. I love Dia. I’m completely pulling for her. I loved Javier & Adam’s duet. But, man. I must be hard standing next to Adam Levine in a suit. Adam is just SEXY.

    I like Beverly, but she’s seems very ‘one trick’. I like Vicci, but I could NEVER see buying anything of hers. Dia, on the other hand, I already have.

  3. Dia is my fave. She reminds me of Tegan and Sara.

    Haven’t seen this episode yet.

    Is that really the premise of the show though MCQ? I guess it’s the premise that is supposed to get you onto the show. But once you’re on, they’re having backup dancers and stuff!

  4. Dia and Javier gave the best performances in the original song section, but Beverly in her duet with Christina, who I deplore, turned in another great performance. That was a dead heat in the duets with Adam and Javier. Both Beverly and local fave (Washington) Vicci, left to their own devices, turn pretty much to the same, how-loud-can-I-sing performances, and their original song performances suffered from that. Vicci and Cee Lo’s duet was great spectacle with really pedestrian vocal performances.

    My wife and I are both pulling for Dia or Javier. As far as coaching strategies are concerned, we have decided that both Blake’s choice of Xenia as a finalist with Dia, and Adam’s choice of Stacey and Javier, were likely both designed to help propel Dia and Javier into the finals. They both seemed to be favoring them through the stages of competition.

  5. Watching it now and I pretty much agree with you guys on everything. I think “Beautiful” was way better than any of the other duets.

    BTW, if anyone’s interested, Lynda Parry has a band now (with the drummer from Fatso Jetson, Tony Tornay) called Deep Dark Robot:!/deepdarkrobot

    And that opening number by the coaches, “Under Pressure,” was TERRIBLE.

  6. If iTunes mean anything (which, I realize it DOES, but wonder the % between itunes and texting), Dia is #1, Javier #2 then a little down the list is Adam / Javier duet (7), Blake / Dia duet(12), Vicci (13), Christina / Bev duet (16), Beverly (26), CeeLo / Vicci duet (30).

  7. Wow. I forwarded through “beautiful”, but that could be because of my dislike of Christina and that song…I thought Dia / Blake and Adam / Javier had the better duets. I thought Christina picking her own song was incredibly egotistical and immediately turned me off – no matter how good it ended up being.

  8. Yeah, MCQ – that. That right there. I read something online a week or so ago that basically said …the voice has made me realize Blake is funny, CeeLo is crazy, Adam is smart and Christina is worthy of all the disdain I’ve ever held for her… or something like that and I could NOT agree more. She’s the very definition of a fame whore and if this was supposed to redeem her reputation, I think she failed. However, who knew I was missing Blake by not liking country?

  9. I’m not a huge Christina song–she oversings EVERYTHING–but I love that song Beautiful, and I thought having Beverly as part of it toned down the Christina-ness of it.

  10. Yeah. I still think Dia may become a little more popular in the end, but yeah. That was about right.

  11. Was Christina drunk/stoned for the final? She was so subdued – maybe she just realized that no one likes her and that Beverly was going to lose for Team Xtina? I don’t like her one bit, I hate over singing (vocal gymnastics). And yes, choosing her own song for the final duet was awful, probably hurt Beverly chances at winning (we FF’d through)

    And Gabby nailed it about the 4 judges.

    Overall I really enjoyed the show, I do hope that they get 4 new judges/coaches next time – I really think that it’s a journey for them as well (much like DWTS) and not something you really can repeat.

  12. Darin – I’ve read that all 4 have signed on for the next season. I think changing judges would be could, but you can also see them wanting to keep what made it a hit – the chemistry with the judges is undeniable.

  13. Who knows, maybe Christina gets the self reflection necessary to change for season 2?

    I wouldn’t bet anything of value on it…

  14. I was surprised that Javier won. Thought Dia would. But then I guess I should have known when they mentioned the iTunes sales that it would be Javier.

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