Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-6

6) Lauren Alaina
5) Jacob Lusk
4) Haley Reinhart
3) Scotty McCreery
2) Casey Abrams
1) James Durbin

Nobody performed poorly tonight, decent all around. Lauren was the least good of the bunch. Just boring. I still don’t get Jacob and this performance didn’t change that. Haley is who she is, which is not good enough to go much further. Scotty is smooth as ever, though I don’t see him breaking into the top two. At least Casey tried something interesting. Not perfect, but pretty good. And James was by far and away the winner tonight. For the first time I actually thought he sounded like he has singing talent. He was really, really good tonight.

8 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-6

  1. I liked Scotty better than I ever have before, because he left that annoying baritone twang aside for just a second and actually sang the song. Bravo. Totally agreed with Steven. first time Scotty was something other than a country caricature.

    Still don’t like Jacob.

    Lauren was fine, but not great.

    Haley just chose the wrong song. Her skills are good, but that song is nothing special.

    I really liked Casey’s performance, but the problem is that he can never resist the blues jam. It sounded so much like what we’ve heard before from him, but this one was the best of the bunch.

    If there is any dispute about who should win so far, James put it to rest tonight. He was in a completely different class. Totally awesome.

  2. James was the best but I wish he’d taken it back down at the end instead of taking it up, if you know what I mean.

    I think I missed the last half hour, I got a little distracted by the Voice.

  3. I agree Susan, the first part of James’s song was so good where he just sang with no guitar. It would have been nice to end the song that way too.

  4. James was amazing. Great voice plus a great entertainer. He seems to have come into his own more – I don’t just see Adam Lambert anymore when I watch him.

  5. It was surprising that he got less votes than Jacob, to me, but I think the fact that Casey needed to be saved before showed that he was going to have problems staying in the competition.

    There’s a large part of the voting audience that just doesn’t get Casey and his jazz singer mentality.

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