Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-7

7) Stefano Langone
6) Lauren Alaina
5) Jacob Lusk
4) Scotty McCreery
3) James Durbin
2) Haley Reinhart
1) Casey Abrams

Can we get rid of Stefano already? Sheesh, it’s getting old. He’s not good, he’s super cheesy and not slick or sexy at all. Move along. Lauren may have been better than I’m giving her here, but I was so distracted with her orangeness that I couldn’t concentrate on her performance. But yeah, not very good. Jacob was barely better. Super emotional is fine, but he just didn’t sound good. I commented to my wife that at this point it appears that Scotty is just phoning it in. He is just abiding his time until he can start working on his album. He doesn’t care about winning Idol. I enjoyed James’ show, the costume, the marching band, the over-the-top performance, all of it was great fun. Still not a fan of the screaming, but otherwise, great. Loved Haley’s performance. Her voice sounded great tonight and it wasn’t so angsty, which works for her. And once again, Casey pulled another rabbit out of his hat. Loved the performance, love his constant chance-taking and his unique personality. Good stuff.

14 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-7

  1. Stefano was pretty terrible. Poor song choice and just silly execution.

    I actually didn’t mind Jacob this time around. He seemed a lot more normal than usual.

    I hated Lauren. Was she stomping or marching? I guess I just don’t get country music.

    Scotty continues to perplex me. Even as a country artist, I think he’s weird. I’ve seen country artists like Garth Brooks and Randy Travis and they’re not weird. Scotty’s weird. He does weird things.

    I didn’t love Casey. I really like that song and I think he kinda shouted his way through it instead of singing it. But at least he’s picking good songs and trying to put his own spin on them, which is what I think these contestants are supposed to do. I don’t know what the others are doing sometimes.

    My favorites this week were James and Haley. Great song choices, good creativity, great performances, just very, very good. Loved them both. I’d give the edge to James just slightly, because I thought he was more creative.

    I think it’s going to be Casey, James and Haley battling it out at the end. Since Haley and Casey are dating, it could be interesting, if it comes down to them in the final two or three. I would like to see James win it I think.

  2. I think Haley showed tonight that she is the best pure singer left in the competition. I suppose that means she’s doomed, but i hope that gets her to the final three at least. She’s fun to watch.

    BTW, what’s the deal with the blond backup singers? They are on fire, baby.

  3. The top 3 are Haley, Casey, and James in whatever order you want, just depends on whom you prefer.

    The bottom 3 are Stefano, James, and Lauren with Scotty planted firmly in the middle.

    Haley’s song choice was perfect. I thought she was awesome until I listened to the original. That’s a near-perfect pop song by Adele.

  4. Tim you hadn’t heard the original?

    I thought this was Haley’s best performance of the season. I agree with Jennifer though–I kept wanting to hear Adele instead. Haley did manage a few moments where she shined past that though. Good choice to be out in front of the judges on a chair. One problem I had was she was so smiley at the beginning of the song. It’s not a happy song.

    I haven’t seen the last 30 minutes of the show yet. James was kinda cool but I still see him as a poor man’s Adam Lambert. And I wish Adam had gone more metal after Idol instead of whatever you call what he’s been doing.

    MCQ, Scotty is weird, but it’ll probably work in his favor. He’s just that good of a singer. It’ll be his quirky thing that makes him stand out or something. Like Joe Cocker’s weird dancing or Paul’s super white teeth.

  5. I had heard it before but I wanted to listen to it right after Haley’s performance to get a direct comparison.

  6. It’s been on the VH1 top 20 countdown (near the top) for several weeks now, FWIW.

    And, as Steven Tyler said, it’s the #1 record in the country right now.

  7. BTW, Stefano is from Kent, the suburb of Seattle I grew up in. (Kent’s only other claim to fame is Metal Church, a thrash metal band on 80s thrash metal fans would know.) He even went to my junior high school.

  8. I was a little during audition week, but not once the show really got going. I’m actually not rooting for anyone very much except a little for Casey.

    Right after they showed Stefano audition they showed someone else who was from Huntington Beach, which is where I was living during the audition weeks (I moved recently), it was kinda funny.

  9. Stefano is a very likable guy, but I think him leaving was the right decision.

    I’ve agreed with every elimination so far except Pia. it will be interesting to see how much that holds true the rest of the season. Right now I think the top three should be Casey, James and Haley. In my mind, Jacob should leave next. He was in the bottom two this week, so it’s possible, but we’ll have to see if the voters rally around him.

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