Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-8

8 ) Haley Reinhart
7) Paul McDonald
6) Stefano Langone
5) Scotty McCreery
4) James Durbin
3) Lauren Alaina
2) Casey Abrams
1) Jacob Lusk

First of all, it was a crock last week that Pia was voted off. Dumb America. Haley was boring. Again, it’s fake angst and she just can’t sell it. She has a great voice, but she tries to play the wrong person. Paul was boring too. Barely better than Haley. Stefano has no business being around, but wasn’t that bad and wasn’t that cheesy. But he surely didn’t slay it like Randy said. Scotty is always good, but this was the same as the rest of his good performances. One, good note. I like James’ enthusiasm and energy. He sounded good. Lauren sounded really good. She’ll never win and she’s not better than Pia, but she’s obviously trying to pick up her votes. Casey started off bad, but once he came into it he sounded good. Not perfect, but he’s kind of all about ‘not perfect’ which works for him. I love that song and I like to see him make his own decisions. And I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I have to say Jacob was the best performance of the night. I’ve never understood the allure, but this week he sounded awesome.

13 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-8

  1. This is who Jacob’s voice reminds me of:

    I missed James’ performance, I’ll watch it tonight–what song did he do? I saw the judges reactions and that’s it. Zack Wylde? Really? On Idol? So weird.

    Pia was boring and it was awesome when she got voted off. Everyone acting like it was such a tragedy. She had a record deal the very next day people.

  2. Can’t agree with you on Jacob. That’s one of my favorite songs and I just absolutely hated how he made it sound.

    I liked Casey’s performance.

    My favorite was James, but to me, if you’re going to do a hard rock or metal song, and you’ve got Zakk Wylde on guitar, there are a million better songs than that one.

    I’m getting bored with this show.

  3. Pia was not boring and there’s nothing awesome about losing the best voice on the show. Can’t see how that can ever be a good thing. Even if you don’t think she should have won, you can’t say it was her time to go. Just plain wrong.

  4. James should have done Twisted Sister’s “You’re gonna burn in hell” from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. That would have been awesome!

  5. Pia didn’t have the best voice on the show. Maybe technically, but that doesn’t mean she could emote with it or that she had an enjoyable tone. She just wasn’t engaging for me at all.

    And winning AI doesn’t mean anything career-wise, just making the top 10 can set you up for life, if you make good decisions after.

    Good TV = having the “sure thing” voted off early.

    I wonder if Casey felt guilty when Pia left.

  6. I think the judges were probably less sure of their decision to rescue Casey after that. If they had it to do over again, knowing what they know now, I’m pretty sure they would keep Pia over Casey.

    I’ve heard Stefano was pretty broken up about it too. He interpreted the boos as saying he should have gone home. He’s right.

    I agree with you about the carrer issues and good TV, Susan, but to me if you can’t count on the voters to make at least reasonable decisions it just loses all credibility as a show. Pia may not be everyone’s favorite, and that’s fine, but her talent should have put her in the top three this season at worst.

    I really think the problem is that they are all so different. It used to be that you just had a bunch of singers. Now, everyone is already a specialist. So you have Scotty getting the country vote, James the rocker vote, Jacob the R&B vote, which doesn’t leave a lot of people to just vote for the best singer, which absolutely was Pia.

  7. I guess you could chalk it up to idiot voters but to me the fact that both Casey and Pia were at the bottom of the vote means that there is not much room separating the best from the worst this year. If the spread from top to bottom is negligible then it’s easy to see how Pia or Casey would get sent home.

  8. The producer of AI said he looked at the vote totals and Pia was never one of the frontrunners. To me, that shows the voters don’t know much. Obviously, they love people like Scotty, which is fine, but it doesn’t represent an accurate reflection of talent. But I guess popularity never really does.

  9. The show has never been about good vocalists, has it? It’s always a lot about personality. Pia had no personality compared to some of the other contestants.

  10. I still don’t like Pia. She is not the best singer. You need to account for the fact that people like different voices, not just genres.

  11. Simon Cowell always said it was primarily a singing competition. Of course, voters don’t always vote for the best voice, in fact I’d say the best voice rarely is the winner, but Pia had a great voice, and that should have gotten her into the top three at least. I think she had personality, but I agree she wasn’t as expressive as some of the others. Apparently that counts for a lot with voters.

    People do like different voices, jks, including worse voices. Pia was unquestionably the best singer. She may not have been the best performer, but she had the best voice, and it wasn’t even close.

  12. Technically she could hit notes well. But the tone of some of her notes was not enjoyable for me. Tone counts for a lot, at least for me. I think David Archuleta has the best tone of any Idol contestants I can think of.

    Simon was wrong and he knew it when he said that. The whole premise of the show is that it’s a singing competition, yes, but just because that’s the intent doesn’t mean that’s what it is.

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