Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-9

9) Lauren Alaina
8 ) Stefano Langone
7) Haley Reinhart
6) Jacob Lusk
5) Paul McDonald
4) James Durbin
3) Pia Toscano
2) Scotty McCreery
1) Casey Abrams

Lauren was bad. Boring. Boo. It’s time for her to go, she has no chance to win it. Bye bye. Stefano can’t be taken seriously. I was watching his eyebrows last night and homeboy is all surface, he thinks performing is just acting. Haley was good last week. This week was not good. My wife and I were guessing that some producer told her to growl more but didn’t explain that there needs to be a reason behind it. So she’s out there growling like a cat but again, there’s nothing to it, it’s just sound coming out of her mouth. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. I don’t understand it. He sings like a Tyler Perry character (you know, men playing women). Paul’s performance was interesting, but didn’t sound very good. It was alright. James switched it up a bit, which was nice, but I still think of him as a poor man’s Adam Lambert. Pia was interesting, good voice, but she’s a bit awkward still. She’ll get there though. I think she’s comfortable up there, she just needs to do what JLo was telling her to do, study the masters and figure it out. She will. Scotty as a rocker was awesome. Not because he will be a rocker, because he won’t, but I loved watching him do such a great job, picking a great song for himself, being so comfortable up there, and tearing it up. Good on him. This is a soft #1 for Casey. It was awesome to see him up there with his bass, and it was a great performance, but it wasn’t his best. But fun.

12 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-9

  1. There’s no reason why Scotty can’t win this. And something tells me he just might.

    I thought Jacob did much better than you’re giving him credit for. I’d put him third behind Scotty (1) and Casey (1). I didn’t think James was that great.

  2. First episode I watched this season, so I’m unaware of their performance history or personalities. Based on last night, I’d rank as following.

    (Note: I missed Lauren’s performance on accident, so I won’t rank her.)

    8.) Jacob Lusk (Is he a joke? Just terrible.)
    7.) Pia Toscano (Nice voice, but seemed like a typical Idol — good pipes, no personality.)
    6.) Paul McDonald (Interesting voice — not sure about the interpretation of that song.)
    5.) Haley Reinhart (Didn’t like the song choice, but she seems to have the goods. Better stage presence than Pia.)
    4.) Stefano Langone (Didn’t do much for me as a performer, but he sang the song well.)
    3.) James Durbin (Pretty good, but I can tell this guy is a “screamer,” and I’m not a fan of screamers.)
    2.) Casey Abrams (Great.)
    1.) Scotty McCreery (Even greater. Dude appears to be a sure thing country artist.)

    The judges sucked, in my opinion. Boring and lacked teeth. Steven Tyler was the worst. If that is how they always act, then bring back Kara DioGuardi.

  3. Well, the reason most people think Scotty won’t win is that his appeal is generally limited to country music fans. The fans of pop and rock are not going to vote for him. But it seems to me he’s trying to make a case for some cross-over appeal. It remains to be seen if he’s succeeding. I didn’t love his performance last night but I liked that it wasn’t a country song and he didn’t really turn it into one. I still think his voice is kinda gimmicky, however.

    There was no breakout performance last night but I mostly agree with Rusty’s ranking. Casey did the best. I would switch Scotty and James, just based on personal preference.

    The thing that amazes me about this season is how many unique performers there are. We’ve never really had anyone like Jacob or Scotty or Paul before. Casey’s pretty unique too, especially when he plays the standup bass. That’s definitely not something you see every day. James and Pia are probably the most mainstream performers, but they are both very good. It’s easy to compare James to Adam Lambert because they’re both rockers with good voices, but I don’t thing James suffers in that comparison. I think he’s as good as Adam and maybe better. Adam was so over the top in his performances that he turned some people off. James isn’t like that. He has more mainstream appeal.

    The only thing that really bothered me last night was Pia’s outfit. Whoever dressed her should be fired and then killed. Painfully.

  4. Is Scotty the one who sings every song with a Nashville Country drawl out of the corner of his mouth. Man, that guy bugs me.

    I don’t follow Idol closely, but sometimes it’s on at my house. My uninformed opinion is that this year’s crop is exceptionally dorky. Am I wrong?

  5. I think you’re right on Greg. I hadn’t focused on Scotty’s sidesaddle delivery, but you’re right. There’s also something really odd about the way he holds the mic.

    I think you’re right about the dork factor too. there are a lot of these performers who could easily be characterized that way, even though they’re obviously talented. Casey’s a huge dork.

  6. Matt makes a good point about the judges. The lovefest has proven to be bad TV. They need someone with some pointed comments. I thought for a minute that JLo and Steven were up to the job, but all they do is love everyone.

    Randy is trying, but he practically gets shouted down whenever he says anything slightly negative. The reason Simon was so good was that he wasn’t afraid to take people on and give them the unvarnished truth. He was wrong sometimes, but his fearlessness made him credible.

    At this point, it’s hard to take any of the judges’ opinioons seriously, because they’re so relentlessly positive. There has to be something, even constructive criticism, that you can give to some of these performers.

    Iovine is at least giving some strong opinions in his time with the performers. Telling James not to make it “My Guitar Gently Sleeps” was hilarious, for example. I liked what he said to Paul as well, and I liked how Paul’s performance ended up as a result. Maybe they should make Iovine a judge, and put Tyler in the studio.

  7. Was anyone else turned off by Jacob’s comment prior to his performance? It was something like:

    “If Amerca doesn’t like my performance, it won’t be because I sang bad, it will be because America isn’t ready to look in the mirror.”

    Come on, seriously?

  8. Just watched the results. Haha. That was awesome! Randy and JLo were so upset.

    Matt: Steven Tyler was pretty mellow this week. In previous weeks he’s been more entertaining. He’s always positive, it’s just usually he says the weirdest rhyming statements.

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