Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-11

11) Naima Adedapo
10) Stefano Langone
9) Haley Reinhart
8 ) Thia Megia
7) Jacob Lusk
6) Lauren Alaina
5) James Durbin
4) Pia Toscano
3) Casey Abrams
2) Paul McDonald
1) Scotty McCreery

This week was pretty even, nobody was terrible but nobody was outstanding. Any of the middle six or so could be switched around. Tonight Naima wasn’t as bad as last, but I still can’t stand watching her. Her voice is alright, but her performance was awkward and that African dance bit at the end was embarrassing. The judges were spot on about Stefano’s performance. Technically it was fine, but he’s just too cheeseball, singing it to perform it not because it means anything. Haley has such great potential but tonight she was blah. Thia has a great voice, but even this up-tempo song was still boring. My wife said that she would be great for Disneyland, which I thought was exactly right. And I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND the Jacob-love. He was okay tonight, but the standing ovations and heaps of praise by the judges? Come on, get real. Lauren was good. She’s got great pipes. A bit generic, but good. James is always solid, but it wasn’t anything special. Pia was good as always, but she really does need to do something other than ballads. Gotta love Casey. He was great tonight, though might have been trying just a tad too hard though. I loved Paul’s performance. Great sound, great stuff. He really could just cut an album right now. Scotty is just the man. I don’t care that he’s so country, that’s what he is. His voice is so ridiculously spot on, it’s mind-blowing to that he doesn’t already have three country albums out.

14 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-11

  1. I agree that Naima should have gone home weeks ago, but I think her performance was far from bottom rank. She sang very well last night: strong, in-pitch, powerful, in the style of Motown, and she performed the snot out of it.

    Why was her dance embarrassing? Because it was African? Was that uncomfortable for you?

    Also, Jacob has struggled but is a gifted R & B/gospel singer. His wild runs compromise his abilty to stay on tune sometimes, but almost all of the contestants have had pitch problems.

  2. I think it’s a different experience live in the studio than it is for us at home–I think that’s why Simon would always watch his TV monitor when contestants sang.

    But I think Jacob is fabulous. His vibratto actually reminds me of Antony from Antony and the Johnsons sometimes.

    I like that Naima is attempting stuff the other people aren’t. She does seem more confident in attacking the stage. She just needs more experience and practice at it. She did have some pitch problems but not as bad as last week. I’m just not too big of a fan of her voice. I wish she’d do more reggae stuff.

    Pia was less grating to me this week but still had her moments where I was a little irritated.

    It’s interesting this year. Everyone has such great chops that it comes down to style, tone and performance more than anything. And of course, song choice.

  3. Pia’s problem is one that has plagued most of the female contestants of the last few years or so (Crystal excepted). They plan on just going out and singing one style of song (which they do really well) but give no thought to creativity, song choice, or being unique in any way.

  4. Naima’s dance was embarrassing because it was completely out of context. I mean, she’s sing this Motown song and all the sudden these African drummers pop up out of nowhere and then she does this flailing dance with no vocals to accompany it. I don’t mind that dance style with the context of the same style of music. How she did it last night was a complete non-sequiter.

  5. I voted twice for Naima and once for Scotty. I think there is a place for African drummers and dancing in Motown.

    Casey is still my favorite, but I have not been impressed the last few weeks.

  6. Pia’s problem was not that the song was a ballad, but that it was boring. she can get away with doing ballads if she chooses great ones, but no one can get away with being boring. You have to do something that brings the audience with you emotionally. She isn’t doing that lately.

    Thia’s problem is just that she’s young and she hasn’t yet figured out how to be an artist instead of just a singer. She’s just singing the songs as she knows them, which is fine, buut it’s not going to get her anywhere in this competition.

    I liked Naima’s performance because it was an artistic performance of that song, not just a karaoke version of it. She has been dancing in every song she does, it’s part of what she wants to do as an artist, and I think she pulls it off. I don’t even like that song at all, but I liked her version of it. The originality of having African drums and dance moves in that song was a great idea, in my opinion. Originality should be rewarded, as long as it works, and that did.

    I really like James. The more I hear him, the more I like his voice and his vibe. I think he’s a great performer.

    I think the thing that bugs me about Jacob is his breathiness on the lower and quieter notes. He sings the high notes well and he has the vocal gymnastics, but he seems to be unable to just sing a normal note in a strong voice. It always gets either breathy or trembly. I just don’t like how he sounds. I’m surprised that Jlo said that he moved her, because he doesn’t move me. I don’t get him.

    Paul should always use a guitar. It grounds him and gets rid of the silly dance steps and staggering around the stage. He was a different artist this time around and the song was perfect. He took Smokey’s song and he didn’t do it like Smokey or like General Public, he did his own version, which was awesome.

    Stefano was way too cheesy. If you’re going to do that song, you have to do something different, because that song has become almost a parody of itself. He just cheesed it up even more. Perfect example of great singing/lousy performance.

    Haley went back to the bluesy notes she is best known for and she looked and sounded great, but I didn’t love the performance. I think she’s a little one-dimensional.

    I like Lauren but not as much as some of the others, and Scott was better this week than he has been in the past, because he was a little less country and more accessible to those who just aren’t into that.

    I think the top are James, Paul and Pia in that order. I would put Thia at the bottom, only because she’s not really at the same level as the others artistically.

  7. Naima wasn’t flailing. She has excellent West African dance technique. She showcased it well.

  8. Poor Casey, swearing his head off like that. It was obvious from the start that Casey was going to be the one going home and they weren’t going to allow it, what with Ryan saying how shocking the results would be all night.

  9. Yeah it’s weird that people aren’t voting for Casey, but there’s often one performer who is good but doesn’t capture the audience. The problem with this season is partly that there are just a lot of good performers who are very different types, so it’s frgmenting the vote more than usual.

  10. What? I emailed both of you last night asking you to write it because I wouldn’t be able to this week. Bums…

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