Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-12

12) Naima Adedapo
11) Jacob Lusk
10) Haley Reinhart
9) Thia Megia
8 ) James Durbin
7) Casey Abrams
6) Lauren Alaina
5) Paul McDonald
4) Karen Rodriguez
3) Stefano Langone
2) Scotty McCreery
1) Pia Toscano

Naima was just terrible. She should be gone this week. The judges loved Jacob but I couldn’t stand that performance. You couldn’t understand any of the words he was singing, he was all over the place, he was way over-singing that otherwise lovely song. My wife and I were laughing in complete embarrassment, along with the rest of America, when we saw Haley’s lipstick teeth and chin. Which of course makes everyone forget about her forgettable performance. I like Thia, she has a good, if not generic voice. But Randy was right, tonight she was boring. I’m sensing I’m going to get sick of James pretty quick. His screaming bugs. The performance was fine. Casey has balls to do that song and not because it’s so iconic, but because I don’t know how you do it without either completely changing it or sticking too close to it, which he kind of did but unsuccessfully. But I like that he basically said eff-it and did it. The two sick kids, Lauren and Paul were both good, especially considering their condition. Paul is so much like a young Rod Stewart. Karen sounded good, though it seems everything she does sounds the same. For some reason I don’t want to like Stefano, but you can’t deny his skillz. And what can you say about Scotty? I mean, the dude is unreal. He doesn’t need to win this contest, which he won’t, but he’s going to be big. He can’t miss a note. And I have to admit the best performance was Pia. She’s just solid. I think we can pretty much count on her being in the top 3 every week.

6 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-12

  1. Pia’s voice still bugs me.

    I think a lot of the problem this week (like every other season) was song choice. It always comes down to song choice. Stefano’s chose the best song. For his voice and style, etc.

    I wonder how many songs they can really choose from. Simon always made it sound like they could choose any song they want (within whatever parameters they have for the week) but Thia made it sound like she was pretty limited.

    I don’t even really consider Scotty as part of the competition, he’s like so far away from everyone else. His genre and his voice, both. He should just be on the radio already.

    I was bummed with Casey. He’s one of my faves and he just didn’t do Nirvana right. It was too much of him trying to be like Kurt. When Kurt sang it, the angst was real. Casey’s pseudo angst just didn’t cut it. It still trips me out that Nirvana was so huge, though. A song that defined a generation–how did Nirvana ever turn into that?

    As a side note, I like Steven Tyler way better than Simon.

  2. Susan,
    I wonder the same thing about song choice. And I thought that when Thia said it, but then you have to realize that she is what, 15? She’s just not going to know music that far back, so she’ll grab on to whatever she’s heard and think it’s the best.

    Totally agree about Scotty. It’s like he’s his own category that nobody else will compete with him on and he doesn’t really compete with anyone else in the other categories.

    And I completely agree with your remarks on Casey’s pseudo-angst as well.

    Steven Tyler is strange, he never really has anything insightful to say. At least Simon gave constructive feedback. And I was just telling my wife last night that strangely, of the three judges I think JLo is probably the most normal. Which is a strange thing to say. But she just comes off as a really sweet person who is good at what she does.

  3. Yeah J Lo has some good advice occasionally. Like when she told Haley (I think) that pros play to their strengths and stay away from their weaknesses.

    Part of the problem with the show in general is they have really young kids on. They don’t know who they are as performers yet. Another beef I have (which I’ve mentioned many times before I’m sure) is the giant band. It makes everything so cheesy. I think the rock guys, at least, should strip it down to just a normal four piece rock band.

    Steven Tyler is entertaining. Simon was so conceited and annoying. I thought the show would be toast without him but I’d actually rather watch Steven Tyler dropping rhymes left and right than Simon telling people they sucked.

  4. I’m really liking the judges this year. Tyler is the only one who is intentionally being goofy, but it’s usually pretty entertaining, and the other two are really on their game and providing a lot of specific feedback. That part of the show is the best it’s ever been.

    Even Tyler was right on when he told James not to go too pop. That was very good advice. James could be a rock god or a backstreet boy and he needs to make sure he doesn’t slide from one into the other.

    This week was the closest I’ve come to liking Jacob, but I still don’t get him. I know he’s got amazing talent, but he’s just not my thang, and neither is Scott.

    I wish someone would tell Scott that he can still be himself without singing a straight-up country song. What’s wrong with branching out into the rock genre a little and putting a country spin on it? I’d like to see him do a little Elvis or Cash just to get out of the straight country. I feel like I have to clean the manure off my boots after every time he sings.

    They were right to tell Haley to sing blues. She needs to make every song a little bluesy or she just disappears.

    I have yet to like much Casey does. He seems like a clown impersonating a singer to me. I know he’s hot talent, but he seemed ridiculous singing Nirvana. I didn’t believe it at all.

    I wish Paul would just hold still and sing. His odd staggering and grinning is wearing on me. I like him and his voice, but he needs to stop doing the same schtick with every song. Some songs are better if you just stand still.

    I still love Pia but that song choice and outfit did nothing for me. A down week for her in my book.

    I didn’t love the song choice anyone made, but I liked Thia’s voice, if you disregard the Disney song. She sounded very pure and right on, despite the boring song.

    To me, the best of the bad lot this week was James. Came out and nailed a good Bon Jovi song. I don’t think he’s screamy, I think he’s rockin’.

  5. Susan, I agree that before this season began I thought it would be downhill without Simon but I find I’m enjoying it more with JL and ST, even Randy is more enjoyable with these two.

    I’ve never thought about the band being too big but I have consistently thought they were too loud this season, they overwhelm the vocals which might be by design.

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