Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-13

13) Lauren Alaina
12) Karen Rodriguez
11) Stefano Langone
10) Thia Megia
9) Naima Adedapo
8 ) Ashton Jones
7) Jacob Lusk
6) Paul McDonald
5) Pia Toscano
4) Haley Reinhart
3) Scotty McCreery
2) Casey Abrams
1) James Durbin

A few words on the judges first. I have to admit I was planning on dropping Idol this season, assuming the new judges would be no good. But I was wrong. Sometimes I miss Simon’s brutal honesty when others aren’t willing to give a real critique. But for the most part, I really like these three. Steven Tyler says some off-the-wall things, but he’s fine. Randy is better now than ever. And I just told my wife tonight that I think J-Lo is the best female judge the show has ever had. Not only does she know what she’s talking about, but she’s sincere and she’s into it and you can tell she’s enjoying being there and being a mentor. It’s nice.

Okay, now the singers. Lauren was terrible. It was like she was just trying to get through it. Karen couldn’t find the range and kind of fell apart. And boring. And cheesy. Speaking of cheese, Stefano was heaping it on. And he didn’t sound good at all. Thia has a great voice, but that performance was boring. And like the judges said, the second part was bad. The only thing Naima has going for her is her energy and spunk. Otherwise, she was rushing through that performance and sounded pretty bad. Ashton? Meh. It was fine.

Those were clearly the bottom half. The top half are in a different league. I have a feeling these top 7 will shuffle amongst themselves as the top 7. Jacob Lusk is talented, just not my cup of tea. I know people are going to shower him with praise, just not me. My wife digs Paul. He’s got a great voice and his movement is certainly unique. Everyone is falling all over themselves praising Pia, who is good and did a pretty good job tonight, but it wasn’t as good as everyone said. I recognize that I’m ranking Haley higher than most people will. But I just thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Something about her voice and the way she controls it is pretty awesome. I cannot watch Scotty without thinking he’s lip syncing. He looks 16 with a voice of a 45 year old man. But homeboy can sing. I don’t think he can miss a note either. He could easily be recording an album right now. And the top two spots were a toss-up for me. Casey is my man, I love the dude’s energy and his (I can’t believe I’m saying this) fearlessness. He’s got balls and he just does stuff. I love it. But ultimately I give the top spot to James because he so far exceeded my expectations. Up until tonight I thought he was just a screamer, but he’s actually got a great voice under there. I don’t expect him to take this top spot very often though, but tonight he did a great job.

4 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-13

  1. I agree, James was the best tonight.

    I can’t stand Jacob. Awful oversinging. Cringeworthy. Can’t figure out why the judges like him.

    Pia clearly has an amazing voice but that song selection was moldy.

    I won’t rank the country singers because they bore me, but Scott sounds like he sings everything the same to me.

    Paul is the lead singer of a very good band called The Grand Magnolias. He should do more stuff like he does with that band because his performances so far on the show have been cheesy. He’s better than that.

  2. When Scotty sings, it seems like he is only impersonating a country singer but I’m finally realizing that that is actually his voice. He is absolutely country-radio ready and will have a long career. I’m interested to see how he handles some of the more challenging theme nights though.

    I like Paul and loved his song choice but I just wish there was a little more to him.

    At this point, it’s probably Casey’s competition to lose.

    Are they not allowing the contestants to play instruments this season?

  3. Paul and Casey are my faves, style- and voice-wise. Of the girls, I like Karen’s voice the best so far. But I basically agree with your ranking. Although I’d put Ashton at the bottom and Karen higher up.

    At first I thought James was a bit of a poor man’s Adam Lambert but he can really sing.

    I’m still all peeved that Iovine said he didn’t know there were kids out there who could sing like James can. Just shows you how out of touch the music industry is.

    I was really stoked to see a Ryan Adams song sung on Idol–and had to roll my eyes that JLo didn’t know who he was. (I’m such a fan I actually got a little excited for her, because now she gets to discover him.) And nice to hear Randy mention Wilco and Whiskeytown.

    About the girls–they all have incredible voices. But when you have a group that can all sing like they can, it comes down to two things–song choice, and tone. I don’t really like Pia’s tone. Her big sustained high notes are grating. I like Karen’s tone the best so far. Thia has a nice tone too but she ends up being forgettable.

  4. Well the right person went home. Kinda funny to see Jennifer almost cry delivering the news. I wonder if the producers make her do it because it’s so painful for her. Good TV.

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