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Caprice went there last night.  Last’s night episode actually tied into the BSG series finale in a huge way.  I don’t know if this is/was the plan all along, or it’s a last ditch attempt to create some buzz, but there’s a definite and specific connection made far beyond “this is the origins of the Cylons.”

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Three episodes into this half season, here are my thoughts:

– Not enough V-world. Last night’s episode finally got virtual Zoe and virtual Tamara together.  I hope Caprica is going to investigate this more.

– Sister Clarice Willow has actually become the standout character.  She’s something of a Magnificent Bastard at this point.

-Well, there’s a female Pope in this Universe.  She seems rather bored by all the terrorist activity done in the name of the One True God.

– Speaking of God – well, I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t been watching, but “it” is making “its” presence known.  Whether the STO accurately represents “it” or not, the STO clearly helps fulfill “its” plan.

– So far this second half has been better than the first half, but I don’t know if it’s enough to save the show.

9 thoughts on “Your Caprica Update

  1. I have this recorded, but haven’t watched it yet. Am I going to miss the whole point if I haven’t ever seen the BSG finale?

  2. Clark –

    okay for the rest of you SPOILER ALERT!

    (some space)

    No, there’s only one and it looks like Zoe. It’s been in the real Zoe’s head since she was a child, and gave her the ideas for the Cylons (which Daniel Greystone stole from Zoe) as well as artificial intelligence.

    Now, Head Zoe is appearing to Virtual Zoe, and it’s clear she’s an angel from God, not just a hallucination.

    (end spoiler).

  3. C Jones –

    no. You don’t have to have seen the BSG finale to “get” what’s going on. It’s just that it has a whole new set of connotations if you have seen the finale.

  4. I had forgotten that the second half of the season started earlier this month until I saw this post, so I watched the three episodes online today. And that was a good way to see them — in my view, most individual episodes of this show don’t stand on their own all that well on their own, but collectively they tell an interesting tale.

    Any word on what kind of ratings the show is getting? It would be a difficult show to start watching for those who haven’t seen earlier episodes, so I can’t see the ratings getting better than whatever they are now..

  5. The ratings are terrible. SyFy didn’t really promote the second half of the season, but whatever the reason, the viewership is down to about 75% of the first half of the season. The network has said a decision will be made next month.

    Meanwhile, SyFy has greenlit “Blood & Chrome” – a TV movie covering William Adama’s first days in the Cylon war.

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