Shows Nearly Cancelled?

OK, it’s that time of year where a bunch of shows are on the edge and might just get cancelled. Here’s a list and my thoughts as to whether they deserve to go.

Chuck – I thought this was a great season although the last episode was pretty horrible. Part of the problem is when they air it – too much competition. Still NBC is desperate so I hope it’ll be back.

V – I watched the first few episodes and it was passible. The rest are still awaiting watching on our DVR and I doubt I’ll watch them.

FlashForward – seriously is anyone here even watching? I tried in the fall, but it seemed just pointless. Reminds me of that alien invasion series from ABC in Florida a few years back. Great concept, horrible implementation.

Ghost Whisperer – my wife loves this show. I can’t stand it. But seriously where can you go with the show?

Numbers – I know some here love it. I couldn’t into it after some atrociously bad physics in the early season. I suspect it’s expensive and will disappear.

Human Target – I really dig this show. Yes it’s cheesy in that 80’s A-Team kind of way. But the actors are great and pull it off. Hope this one makes it. But if it doesn’t I won’t be heart broken.

Heroes – Hey, I actually thought this had been cancelled long ago. I guess not!

Fringe – I thought this was on the edge but I guess it got renewed despite being expensive and having mediocre ratings this year. I hated last week’s episode though although the previous two were fantastic.

American Chopper – this had been cancelled in February but Discovery and its channels are nearly as desperate for programming as NBC. So it was renewed this month.

There are lots of other ones that have been canceled (like 24) but these are the ones that I thought folks might be interested in.

31 thoughts on “Shows Nearly Cancelled?

  1. I watched the premiere of V and while I love my Juliet, I found V’s script and plot to be way too pedestrian, and giving away way too much. There was no tension and build up as in the original. There was no ambiguity over whether or not the visitors were good or bad. Kenneth Johnson’s original V was far better.

  2. I love Numbers BECAUSE of the bad physics–and math buzzwords. Apparently there’s an algorithm to solve any crime! So awesome. But yeah it’s been on a long time and should probably go away now.

    I don’t care about any of these shows, actually. Human Target is fun but I won’t miss it.

  3. I’m watching FlashForward, but it’s seriously terrible. I guess I want to see where it finally goes, even though it’s uneven, the dialogue is terrible, and often I root against the lead character. I agree that it was a cool idea that didn’t work out in implementation.

    I feel like Fringe is hit-and-miss, but it’s still interesting enough for me to keep watching.

  4. Oh, last I heard Caprica is still up in the air awaiting its second half season this summer. There were about three episodes I really dug but there’s seriously not enough plot and not enough sympathetic characters. We’ll see where it goes. Rumor is Lucy Lawless is joining the cast as one of the human Cylons. I wish they’d kept to a more cyberpunk style but instead it’s more typical Moore. At least BSG – especially the first two seasons – had a significant story arc. (And the appearance of a plot and tension)

  5. I really enjoy Chuck and Human Target and hope they get picked up. They’re both fun romps that are mostly enjoyable because of the casts. Fringe has just been fantastic as of late. I would have been crushed if it didn’t get another season. I tried watching Flash Forward and V but just couldn’t get into either. Neither had characters I really cared about.

  6. At one time i was watching all of these shows other than Ghost Whisperer and Numbers, now I’m not watching any of them. I just lost interest over time, Chuck held out the longest.

  7. Here’s to hoping Southland gets renewed on TNT. Easily the best cop drama I’ve seen in years now that L&O of all varieties has gone a bit stale.

  8. I’m pretty bitter about FlashFoward. Such a great idea. But how did they manage to find such a completely unlikable cast? Even the handsome Joseph Fiennes is hard to watch in this.

    Chuck, Human Target, Numbers– all too predictable. I’m rooting for Caprica. At least it has some good story possibilities if they can pull it together.

  9. I caught a little bit of a Southland episode and thought it as pretty good as far as police dramas go. Just wish Hollywood could come up with something original for a change, but I realize I say that constantly and should just shut up about it already.

  10. Chuck has lost me completely. I couldn’t care less.

    I’ve actually stayed with FlashForward. The biggest problem it has is the horrible miscasting of Joseph Fiennes as a supposedly tough-guy American FBI agent. Although the writing has been spotty, the plotting has actually been pretty great. This is a show that manages to consistently impress me in terms of big-picture storytelling. It’s the rare show that does the big stuff well, but the little stuff not very well. I think FF will get cancelled, but I hope ABC lets them at least wrap everything up before it goes. I could sort of see it being renewed for just a half-season final run next year.

    I’ve generally been a pretty big Fringe supporter. When it’s on, it’s really very good. But this last week’s episode was really inexcusable. It did not work at all. Luckily, it was just a one-off deal, but I can’t imagine what was going on in the writers room when they greenlit that idea. (Actually, what I’m sure what was going on was a whole lot of what Walter was doing at the first of the episode.)

    Heroes needs to be euthanized.

  11. How could you guys not like the musical Fringe? I mean reanimated, singing corpses!? Totally great.

  12. Better of Ted is a great show, but it’s long gone. All the remaining episodes were burned off in January.

    There was some hope that Fox would pick it up because it’s actually made by a subsidiary, but except for Scrubs, sitcoms don’t tend to migrate networks. Which is stupid because the cw on Fox is that it desperately needs a non-animated comedy hit to round out its portfolio of shows and to help build a block of comedies outside of the Sunday evening animated ones.

    What I don’t understand is why BoT didn’t do better on ABC — it seems like the perfect kind of show for the zeitgeist.

  13. Count me as one who would have followed Better Off Ted to any network that picked it up: The Golf Channel, the Food Channel… anyone. ABC made a big mistake in letting that show die.

    I’m still watching Fast Forward, though lord knows why. I generally agree with BTD Greg that they get the big picture stuff right, but blow it on the character interactions. The problem I have is that they try too hard to emulate the Lost “reveal” moments — they feel that if Lost was successful at showing a major plot twist at the end of each episode, why, having one before every commercial break would be even better! Fuggedaboutit — doesn’t work.

    I still love Fringe. Except for Lost, it’s the one I look forward to watching each week. As for last week’s show, I didn’t mind it as much as others who wrote here. After all, with JJ Abrams in charge, you knew they would do this kind of ep sooner or later. (Could the final episode of Lost be a musical??)

    I did like how last week’s story mirrored the larger story arc of Peter and Walter that they’ve been exploring this season. And I enjoyed the little anachronistic touches — characters in 40s dress, driving 40s-era cars, using cell phones… Oh, and Oliva decked out in 40s-era dress and hairstyle. Oh my! I’d take her dancing any time.

  14. Really, you didn’t like the last episode of Chuck? That was a really fun fight at the end with the two of them handcuffed to each other. Well, I loved it. I hope the show still works with them together.

    Human Target is a lot of fun, particularly the Jackie Earl Haley character. ‘Dude’.

    Better Off Ted is actually a great little satire, but we were really sad when they stopped doing the Veridian Dynamics commercials.

    Here’s the link to the EW Bubble Show Scorecard:
    Ausiello Files

  15. I think my favorite guy on Human Target is the guy from Pushing Daisies. He’s playing basically the same character, of course.

  16. V has gotten a LOT better, especially the last few weeks. The main reason they didn’t drag out the “are they good/bad?” Is because the original was out there. We know they are bad before the first show aired – I was glad that they didn’t waste my time with that.

  17. Darin,

    It may have been a waste of time (I mean, surely no one thought, in the original, that the visitors were cute and cuddly), but having that in builds the tension.

  18. Just a note – I figured this was as good a place to post as any – last night’s Fringe was great. It was simultaneously a one off episode while really moving the plot forward a lot. While there have definitely been some stinker episodes this season it’s also had the strongest episodes of the season.

  19. NBC picked up three pilots today and 2 of them are hour longs. This coupled with Chuck’s piss poor ratings on Monday makes it’s chances look even slimmer. That’s sad.

  20. I watch V. I’m not sure why. I always feel dirty afterward. I think the only reason why I watch is because I want to make alien lizard babies with Anna. Is that so wrong?

  21. Community was great this week. I love that it’s turning into a show that pays tribute to/makes fun of/references other shows and movies. I was cheering during this week’s episode.

  22. Yeah, Community was truly great. It was hard to catch all the action movies referenced in that episode.

    Fringe was also very good (provided you didn’t worry to much about the science, which is always a good idea). Martha Plimpton was surprisingly great as a dowdy Northwestern sheriff. It made me reconsider her as an actress.

  23. Supposedly both Chuck and Heroes may be renewed. I’d be shocked if Heroes is. It’s just too expensive. It’s got to cost a lot more than Chuck if only due to cast size. I bet they hold Chuck in the wings in case their new dramas bomb. While its ratings are disappointing one also has to look at the competition it is up against. Says the NBC Pres.

    It’s our highest-performing Monday night show. We look at it as a very strong player, and it’s a show that matches up with our new shows. It’s too early for me to say for certain as it’s a conversation we’re going to have next week.

    BTW – I read the book that Justified is based on, Pronto. It’s pretty good although I think the TV show is better. It ends right at the opening scene of the TV Pilot. The rest of the Pilot is based on a short story I’ve not read yet. Big differences? The conflict that creates the shooting took place in Italy and not Nicaragua in the book. He also has someone conveniently yell, “he’s got a gun” making the shooting even more justified. Finally he leaves Miami with a girl heading home to visit his mother.

    Interestingly several scenes in later episodes are lifted out of the book including the shooting of two Mafi hitmen when he tells one that if the hitman takes an other step he’d shoot the hitman. (That was a great scene in the LA episode) In the book though these are Italian Mafioso hitmen. Also in the book this was his very first shooting. (And done while “off the reservation” operating on his own and not as a Marshal)

  24. So word ’round the campfire is that both V and Chuck were renewed. V, I wasn’t too interested in from the get go and watching the first three episodes didn’t catch me. Chuck I’m happy about although there were a few really weak episodes this season. Overall though it’s been my favorite season.

    Lets hope that Chuck gets a better time spot this time.

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