Thoughts on the Caprica mid-season break

There will be spoilers….

– First, according to Ron Moore’s first BSG series bible, Adama’s mother was named Evelyn.  Clearly, Moore & Co. have changed their minds, but it seems clear Evelyn is going to become his step-mother, especially given what happened this last episode.  Unfortunately, since Admiral Adama mentioned his parents divorce in the main series, we also know how it ends.

– (Also, it’s pretty interesting to read the series bible above and see how much changed.  It’s clear there was no idea for the final five – the 12 models were originally suppossed to be the Cylons saying “humanity is basically composed of these 12 types” – not “there are 5 survivors and 7 or 8 models based on people they once knew”.)

-(However, the series bible does have a very good explanation for why technology seems to have regressed since the time period of Caprica.  The humans had to basically dismantle the internet and return to a older level of technology to keep the Cylons from hacking in and taking control.  They then started building up back again from there).

– The cyberpunk aspects of the series have been downplayed since “There is Another Sky” (which was the best episode so far, IMHO).  I hope they don’t abandon that story arc.  Admiral Adama’s sister is still running around cyberspace, but we have no idea what she’s doing there.  It’s all been Joseph Adama running around weeping like a little girl who has lost her favorite dolly (really – the actor portraying Joseph Adama is one of the better members of the cast, but he doesn’t do “panicked and desperate father” very well).

– The Cylon rebellion is explained thusly:  The Cylons are angry teenagers, pissed at their parents forever.  Or something like that.  It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.  What was going on inside the Centurions’ heads during the BSG series?

– The cliffhangers for the mid-seasons break are only so so.  My guess is they time-jump ahead a few months, instead of directly resolving them.

– My totally wild theory:  New Cap City is a creation of the One True God (but don’t call it that).

– This series is very slow burn.  It’s very character driven and centered.  The plot advances slowly.  I wish Ron Moore had decided to let his “it’s the characters, stupid; who gives a $#!+ about the plot?” muse find it’s expression on this series, and not on the last season of BSG.  But, hey, whatever.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Caprica mid-season break

  1. I know. You can’t help but feel for Avatar Zoe (or Zoe-A, I guess, since the rumors are there will soon be many different Zoe avatars). You like her, and you realize her dad and his company are treating her horribly (bordering on abuse).

  2. I just watched the first episode so I skipped the spoilers discussion. I’m mixed on it right now but I’ll stick with it a bit since a few of you said it improves.

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