10 Brief Notes on Caprica

1.  You really should be watching this.

2.  The nature of the show is such that each episode is not as self-contained as episodes of BSG.  I will do a more comprehensive post when the mid-season break hits in mid-March.

3.  This week episode was quite cyberpunky.  Until now, it had mostly been family drama, with no action.  But Admiral Adama has an all powerful Neo-esque sister avatar walking around Caprican cyberspace, kicking trash and taking names.  Makes for an interesting tonal shift in the episodes, but it works.

4.  The Adamas are “Tauron” which apparently means Jewish-Italian-Arab-Greek-Hispanic.

5.  The actor playing Daniel Greystone has gotten a lot better since the pilot.

6. No wonder the Cylons wanted to destroy humans.  The Zoe avatar inside the first Cylon was forced to watch her parents have sex.  And she was ordered to rip her own arm off.  The Zoe avatar is also quite selfish and too willing to manipulate the best friend of the real Zoe.

7.  The Soldiers of the one practice bi-sexual group marriage.  Interesting.

8.  Ron Moore wants to include more gay characters in his shows.  That is fine.  Now, if he could just stop making them of a certain type.  So far, we have: Cylon Saboteurs and mentally insane Admirals (see BSG: Razor), mutineers (Gaeta), cold-blooded Mafia-esque hitmen (here in Caprica, one of the Adama clan), and cold-blooded fanatical terrorists (Soldiers of the One in Caprica).

9  Either way, this is a lot better than expected.  Nothing as good as the first two seasons of BSG, but loads better than the last two seasons.

10.  So go watch the frakking show.

8 thoughts on “10 Brief Notes on Caprica

  1. It’s next up on my agenda. If it is going cyberpunk I’ll be happy. If it is typical Ron Moore (“who cares about the plot”) type of nonsense I’ll be upset.

  2. Well, it’s only just started to really explore the cyberpunk areas of the plot, so don’t get your hopes up (yet) on the first few episodes.

    I wouldn’t say it’s “who cares about the plot” – it’s more “the plot is going to proceed very, very slowly while we explore the characters.”

  3. The plot is proceeding slowly, but at least if feels like there is one— that they are actually going somewhere with Caprica. As opposed to Flashforward.
    And I love the 50’s/futuristic style of the buildings and the clothes.

  4. Bah! Call me once its over and tell me if I should watch on DVD. I haven’t watched a single episode of Lost yet and plan to have one hell of a marathon shortly if I hear good things about how they end it.

  5. My old roommate was like that. He finally broke down and started watching the DVDs. He’s watched them all and has eagerly been watching this season.

  6. This last episode with the “Neo-esque sister avatar” was very cool and has convinced me to keep watching.

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