Going to a Boardgame Con. What do you want a report on?

by Bret

This weekend is SaltCon and I’m gaming all day Saturday. There is an exclusive designers competition Friday that I can try to get some info on and tournaments Sunday, but the bulk of the convention is in the open gaming.

Door prizes will be handed out periodically throughout the day (I won one last year, hoping for more this year!),

Designers and publishers will be there demoing their latest games.

Local game stores will be there promoting and selling their wares.

A gaming library will be available full of games to check out for anyone to use.

Oh, and a LOT of impromptu gaming and friendship making will occur!

Last year at A Gathering of Strangers (the Con in the Summer) I had a fabulous time and even helped out at the registrar’s desk. But mostly I would walk up to old friends and total strangers alike and play a game with them. It’s a very friendly place. Everyone and anyone is invited to sit down and play whatever anybody brings as long as there is a space available. I encourage anyone in the Salt Lake area to attend if they can and see for themselves!

I’ll try to write a report sometime next week, but what I want to know here is what do YOU want to know about?

3 thoughts on “Going to a Boardgame Con. What do you want a report on?

  1. How fun! No questions for you to ask but my kids were laughing at me the other day because one of their friends had written “Boggle Tournament” on our calendar and I thought it was real. I was all excited for the Boggle Tournament and turns out it was a joke.

  2. Caylus! Have fun building the castle!

    I’d like to hear about new games that are getting buzz, particularly Euro strategy games (non-war) Puerto Rico is my high standard for these games, but we enjoy different variations.

    Susan, we would LOVE a Boggle tournament!

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