Caprica premieres tonight.

I reviewed the “uncut” DVD of the premier here.

For those who haven’t seen the DVD and will watch it tonight (or delayed on some DVR), here’s a place to discuss it.  Here’s the conclusion of what I concluded in that older review:

Overall, I enjoyed the movie – enough so that I look forward to the series.  There are a few discrepancies – for a series set almost 60 years before BSG, some of the technology seems more advanced than what BSG had access to, and some of it seems to have hardly changed at all.

The character dramas are compelling, though.  This is a very different series than the BSG that just ended.  It’s Dallas and the Sopranos set in space, as I said above.

The only sour spot is that Ron Moore (once again, as in the New Caprica storyline) seems to justify suicide bombing as a legitimate means of social protest.  However, as this is only the pilot, it’s hard to see where he is going with this underground monotheistic cult, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that as the series progresses this will be addressed.

A highly recommended view, though it’s not for kids.  I’m sure the edited for TV version will be more family friendly, though.

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