Say Anything: Or what you will

by Bret

Party games are an interesting breed. Their primary goal is not necessarily to make for a good competition, have an immersive thematic experience or even to provide an interesting game play. No, party games really just want you to have fun!

The problem is if these other elements are too scarce most people find the experience stale and lack motivation to make it enjoyable for themselves or anyone else. A good party game maintains balance, keeping frivolity as its primary goal while still providing an enjoyable competitive experience. Say Anything is just such a game.

The easiest way for me to describe Say Anything is that it’s basically Apples to Apples only it’s fun. A player asks a question from a drawn card that all start with “In my opinion.” Everyone else writes down a response of which the reader secretly chooses their favorite (using a nifty device aptly named the Select-O-Matic 5000). Everyone else is then given an opportunity to bet on up to 2 answers (with betting chips) they think the reader chose. Heck,  it’s pretty much all on the back of the box! ;)

(I should note that the markers in the game are now the all black ones shown in the picture on the right, which work WAY better than the ones on the left. If you get a copy with the old white stemmed markers North Star Games will promptly replace them without hassle)

The reader gets as many points (up to 3) as their are chips on the answer they chose. The person who wrote the chosen answer gets a point and every chip on the answer gets a point. In this way on any given round, anyone can achieve up to 3 points. The scoring card allows anywhere from 1 to 12 rounds (usually one or two questions by every player)

I like this system for two main reasons. First and foremost is getting to answer all these fun random questions with whatever response I want. (Hence you literally get to say ANYthing, ha ha ha) This makes the game highly replayable for hundreds, if not thousands of plays. Plus, it gets absolutely hilarious! No matter what group I’ve played with whether it’s all young adults around my age or family with ages 9 to 62, everyone is laughing and teasing each other having an all around good time. Second, I like the scoring system. It’s light enough not to make the game serious or terribly strategic but still gives you an opportunity to play competitively to the end of the game and give you meaningful decisions.

So if you’re looking for light game that can get a party going with fun conversation and hilarious content, then go ahead. Say anything and like the box says, find out what your friends really think!

Number of players: 3-8 (or possibly teams)

Playing Time: 40 minutes

Suggested Ages: 10 and up (Publisher says 13 and up)

All images courtesy of Boardgamegeek’s database

Also a special thank you to Dominic Crapuchettes, the game’s co-designer, North Star Games and their public relations director, Luke Warren for all their help and info. Keep the great games a comin’ guys! Thank you also for visiting us here at Kulturblog!!

7 thoughts on “Say Anything: Or what you will

  1. This one also looks pretty good. I agree that Apples to Apples can get boring, precisely because the players don’t have any input into the answers, other than selection.

    We played a similar game called Loaded Questions over the holidays. It was fun, but the board game (with game pieces that move along squares toward a final goal) seemed totally extraneous and just slowed things down. I like the idea of a scoring/wagering system much better.

  2. I hate Apples to Apples. This looks like it’s from the same people as Wits & Wagers, which I love, so I’m going to get this game.

    thanks for the write up.

  3. Say Anything had a board to start with too. But we do our best to remove everything that is unnecessary since, in the end, all of the costs have to get pushed down to the customer.

    I’m glad people are having a great time playing Say Anything. It was one of the most fun games to design out of any I’ve worked on.


  4. BTD Greg, exactly. The goal in games like this are the fun of writing responses and reading other’s with the scoring there to move it along and keep you making (at least somewhat) meaningful decisions. Plus everyone likes to gamble, if only a little bit and not with real money>8P

    Cantinflas, it is. Both are by North Star Games and both have, as Dominic stated in an earlier post they have both received high accolades and numerous awards. Glad I could help! Hope you enjoy it as much!

    Dominic, always a pleasure. Thank you once again!

  5. I am so getting this! (I hate Apples to Apples, too, because it seems so pointless.) This sounds like a lot of fun! Need more parties!

  6. Bret,

    Thanks for the great review. We really did try to make a party game that was quick and fun (about 30 minutes) yet compelling in a game sense. It seems you agree!

    And to reiterate, if people’s pens do not work, email us at customersupport at northstargames dot com, and we will send you replacement pens. But most games on the shelf at Borders or your local game store should have the all black ones, which do work much better.

    Happy New Year,

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