Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

My 9 year old LOVES Transformers and the first film, but the opening of the new film found me drawing the short straw on being the one who had to take him.

He loved it, but I was so BORED. 2 1/2 hours was way too long, the story or lack thereof was terrible and I found myself wanting to strangle Shia LeBeouf. The effects were great – but so they should be with the estimated budget of $200 million.

I knew it would be bad when the opening credit said “In association with Hasbro” (or something like that). Cue lots of new Transformers for them to produce. New toys to entice kids like my sons, who desperately want some of the new cool ones!

So it is what it is – an outlet for a toy company to make millions more, an excuse for attractive but terrible actors to get some screen time (Megan Fox does nothing but pout) and an excuse for boys (aka Michael Bay) to make lots of things blow up.


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  1. I forgot to ask you whether you listened to Kermode’s review. He hated it, not so much for the explosions and lack of story, but the way it lusts after Fox. If he’s right, I say shame on these people for promoting such a film to little kids like ours.

  2. Did anyone really expect something different from a Michael Bay sequel!?! Maybe because my expectation is so low for his movies, I’m not at all surprised or disappointed by the horrible reviews (and why I don’t bother spending the money to see his movies—with one exception, I did go see Armageddon in theaters).

  3. Kermode is the best movie reviewer ever.

    You can download his podcast on itunes or on the radio fivelive website.

    Brit – didn’t yet listen to it – am only on part 2/3 from last week’s show. It did lust after Fox – she was always posed/dressed in a way that was overtly over sexual. Our 9 year old wouldn’t have noticed, but it was revolting.

    Dan – I didn’t expect much, but I didn’t expect to be quite so bored.

  4. Hasbro has not one, but two (!) big-budget summer movies this year. (G.I. Joe will no doubt be an acting tour-de-force.) It kind of reminds me of the 1980s, when the toy companies would produce TV shows to sell their wares. The difference is that back then, it was low-budget cartoons, and now it’s feature films that cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

  5. My teenage boys went to see it. I asked them why they liked it—was it just the machines fighting that appealed to them? Because it looks terribly boring to me. They said, “Duh.”

  6. I’m wondering how you felt about all the swearing that took place in this movie? It didn’t both me personally, but I would’ve been mad if I had kids and took them to this movie only for them to hear words like shit and damn. Young kids were going to see this movie after all!

  7. My 15 yr old son loved it. I thought it was way too long but tolerable. The Megan Fox thing is just the beginning. Every female in the movie is over-sexualized, including Shia’s mom! Think about the girl that turns into an alien for a minute. That was ridiculous.

  8. GI Joe and Transformers….the two cartoons from my youth that I wanted to like but could never come around to liking, not even then. Sure the toys were totally cool (and I recently bought two of them from ebay for sentimentality sake), but they never made sense. I mean, what exactly is the purpose of Megatron transforming himself from a robot into a gun? And was anyone else befuddled how Megatron magically transformed himself into a handheld gun at one point and then magically into a fully large robot the next?

    And GI Joe…what a joke. I mean, no one dies in that cartoon! A missile is about to hit your airplane, quick get the chute going. Amazingly every single person survives. Your truck is about to blow up, quick get out! Because no one died, it cheapened the experience, the action. However, I did like their object lessons at the end of the show. “And now you know. And knowing is half the battle GI JOE!”

    I was a huge fan of Robotech (still am). This was truly ahead of its time. It had transformers of sorts (but in a way that actually made strategic sense). It had soldiers (who fought against a terrible enemy, but who also died on occasion, even very central characters). It had romance. It had teenagers facing normal life problems. It showed some of the effects of stardom. Truly a fantastic show to present to burgeoning youth. Nothing before and nothing since has matched Robotech, in my opinion.

  9. So Rebecca, other than it being horrible, was it OK for your nine-year old? My eight-year old is pestering me non-stop to go see it- and he LOVED the first movie.

  10. Tracy – he loved it just as much as he loved the first movie. For him it was a definite win! There’s nothing questionable for a child of that age that there wasn’t in the first, except maybe the mother buying pot laced brownies and getting high. That and the sex references went right over his head.

  11. I am so tired of Megan Fox already! She can’t act which makes her a very poor subsitute for Angelina Jolie. Just because a girl’s in action flicks doesn’t mean she has to be talentless. I hate Micheal Bay movies. It sems every movie he makes subsitutes more and more explosions for less and less plot. He’s said he won’t do a 3rd Transformers but all that means is Brett Ratner, who is even worse, will probably direct the ineviable sequel.

  12. Saw it yesterday instead of working. A few points.

    #1. The movie is full of eye candy. Great effects.

    #2. Of course the story is dumb, it’s Michael Bay. For a little context refer to this article.

    #3. Megan Fox is totally hot, so hot in fact that I didn’t notice her poor acting skills.

    #4. For a supposedly peace loving species, the Autobots really like to gore it up when they kill a Decepticon. If they weren’t robots it would be rated R.

    Everyone should go into a movie like this knowing what to expect. The story and gags were super ridiculous and nonsensical, but who cares? Not that I could sit through it a second time though. And definitely not for kids under 12 or so.

  13. I don’t know if I would be too quick to say that Megan Fox can’t act, or especially that she’s talentless. She’s never been given the opportunity to show what she can do yet, other than look sexy, which she does very well. The interviews I have read show that she at least has a brain, which is more than you can say for some women in Hollywood. Give her a chance to prove herself before she’s condemned to the bimbo heap.

  14. Yeah, I’d say don’t judge someone’s acting skills by how they perform in a Michael Bay movie. He could wring Paris Hilton-esque performance out of Kate Winslett.

  15. My 8 year-old has and loves transformer toys, but thankfully has never had that much interest in seeing the movies.

  16. I just got back from seeing it. I’m surprised it got a PG-13, honestly. The language was R rated, and the violence was astonishing. All the sex jokes went over Jeffrey’s head, of course.

    I need a Dramamine. And I had to take an Excedrin for the headache from all the explosions. Honestly, total sensory overload.

    The plot? Meh. But I knew that going in- I think it could have been worse. Maybe.

    The Hasbro alert was also in the first movie.

    They are TOTALLY doing a sequel- The ending was so not an ending.

  17. It has not escaped my attention that it’s mostly guys defending Megan Fox’s acting skills or lack there of! There are pretty faces in Hollywood that are talented too.

  18. Another great moment in Almost Famous, when the guys sing “On the Cover of Roling Stone”.

  19. So clearly I posted that in the wrong thread. That is what happens when you stay up way too late reading and then get on the internet.

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