6 thoughts on “It Rains in Spain

  1. I couldn’t believe it, but I guess it had to happen sometime. The question now is, how is Federer supposed to feel? He becomes the prhibitive favorite, but does he really want to win this tournament without playing Nadal? If he gets it, it may be a bit of a hollow victory.

  2. MCQ,

    I don’t think Federer is as good as he used to be, or said differently, his competition has gotten better. It’s not just the Federer/Nadal show. If Nadal can be defeated like this, so could Federer. Make enough errors and you’re out.

  3. Very true, Dan, but you have to like Federer’s chances now. The thing is, he’s been runner up to Nadal so many times now and he’s never won this thing. If he wins it now, without playing Nadal, it’s a bit like finally making it to the top of Everest after failing several times, but you only make it because there was an earthquake that knocked the top third of the mountain off. It just won’t seem the same.

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