Upfront Week

It’s that time of year again, when the networks announce their fall line-up. Keep and eye out for the next few days and I’ll keep you posted on renewals/cancellations. I’ll post what I have, and update it as new information comes in!

Be sure to comment about what you’re sad/glad survived/died.

11 thoughts on “Upfront Week

  1. ABC has canceled The Unusuals, which may mean that I never see an episode. My rule of thumb is that if a show gets canceled while it’s still on my DVR queue, I delete. If it grows into a cult show via word of mouth, I check it out on DVD or via Hulu.

    Stuff I’ve heard:

    * Scrubs is coming back (sans J.D.)
    * Chuck has gotten a half-season renewal.
    * Fringe will be back for a full second season.
    * Dollhouse will be back. This is a surprise.
    * Castle is back (though the half episode I watched didn’t seem to warrant it, though I like Nathan Fillon.)

    Incidentally, the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies should be airing soon. Set your DVRs accordingly.

  2. I’m choosing to ignore all strings and focus on the happy: my boyfriend will be back this fall!

  3. Castle is AWESOME.

    We really liked the Unusuals and are sad it’s gone. I think it couldv’e been great.

  4. Why is everyone surprised about Dollhouse? The last two episodes made it one of my favorite shows on this season. Can’t wait for next season.

  5. Well, I’m very happy about Chuck. I’m not sure how they could keep certain cast members – aren’t Morgan and GF going to Hawaii? Pity to get rid of Jeffster, but frankly, they’re not why I watch the show. (why: Agt. Walker!)

    The Unusuals: I like it, mostly for the two quirky partners. I originally wanted to watch it for Amber Tamblyn, but her character is not that good.

    I watched a Castle while on vacation. I was not that impressed. Is it better if you watch it from the beginning?

  6. Castle is what it is. A pretty run-of-the-mill procedural pairing a detective with an observant citizen a la The Mentalist.

    My wife loves it, mostly because of Fillion who plays his role fairly well. The problem is that the cases aren’t interesting enough. They should be incredibly complex cases taken right out of a crime novel with twists and turns, but they’re pretty boring. And at times they make Fillion fairly clueless about crime-solving which shouldn’t really be the case.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see how they cut costs on Chuck. They already had setup the end of the BuyMore. But while that’s what most people point to for expenses I’ll lay good odds it gives them backend money due to product placements. I’ve not heard if it is still Friday bound. I guess we can all hope Jay Leno’s show fails.

    Oddly though Dollhouse was renewed and that’s on Friday. (I guess I have to watch some more episodes now)

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