Upfront Week: NBC

Official Announcements on Tuesday. This is what’s know so far..

Renewed: 30 Rock, The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Apprentice, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Law and Order SVU, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Southland (for 13 eps), Chuck (for 13 eps), Law & Order,

Cancelled: Life, Lipstick Jungle, My Name is Earl (both ABC and Fox are looking at picking it up), Knight Rider, Kath & Kim, Kings, Law & Order CI (based on I can’t see it on the new schedule), Medium (is moving to CBS)

14 thoughts on “Upfront Week: NBC

  1. Life blew my mind the first season and slowly froze it to death the second. I will very much miss finding out what happens to Charlie Crews, especially considering Damian Lewis played him perfectly.

  2. Celebrity Apprentice…my goodness has that show gone to Trump’s head! 2 freaking hours long each Sunday! What’s he got on GE that they give him so much time!?!?

    30 Rock is a great show.

    Biggest Loser has vastly improved.

    Kings…well I was bored by the pilot and never gave any other episode a shot. Is it worth it?

  3. Kudos to DirecTV and NBC getting together again to save FNL, which is a top-5 show on TV right now. And they left it in a great spot. I’m as excited for it’s return as much as any other show.

    I’m not sure what’s going to become of the Peacock network, but their cable nets (USA, Bravo, SciFi, Oxygen) continue to provide better programming than their big brother.

  4. It’s funny how rarely do the networks allow shows to develop. Even classic shows like MASH took a while to pick up their audience. Of course given today’s level of competition and the problem of ads not to mention the expense of making a show I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I notice that NBC is really pushing the “cheap as possible” route with the inexplicable exception of Heroes.

  5. I enjoy Kings, but mostly for the biblical references. However, the sixth episode (currently the last one aired) didn’t really have much biblical about it that I could see – just a lot of soap. When it comes back in the summer I’ll be watching, but the previous couple episodes weren’t all that interesting. If it’s canceled I’ll be disappointed but not terribly surprised. Few of the characters beyond King Silas are interesting and even the King’s character development is slow. I had high hopes from the pilot, but the show hasn’t seemed to find its footing yet. If you were bored by the pilot you’ll probably be bored by the rest of the show, but you never know – give it a shot they’re all on Hulu.

  6. I loved Life. It was refreshing and quirky, and Crews was just so enjoyable to watch. (Partner: not bad, but I missed her in the last few eps of the season)

  7. NBC is basically giving up on half of their prime time schedule this year by scheduling the early show with Leno. It’s kind of surprising, but maybe it’s just a sign of surrender by the peacock, a perennial third-, and sometimes fourth-place finisher since Seinfeld and Friends went off the air.

  8. I thought that Law & Order: CI had been migrated to cable a year or two ago. They tend to then rebroadcast the episodes in the summer months on NBC.

  9. Knight Rider was one of the best shows out there. I mean car chases, unrealistic technology, explosions, more car chases, a car transforming into a truck, even more car chases. Coherent plot? Good story lines? There are plenty of shows for that.

    I dare anyone to find another TV program that gives you a gun fight and explosions while AC/DC is blasting on the soundtrack.

  10. Chuck will be on Mondays not Fridays. Basically when Heroes goes off for a break Chuck takes it’s slot. This bodes well for Chuck. Chuck starts after the Olympics in 2010. So it’ll be a long wait.

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