Free Comic Book Day is here

Comic shops all over the country are celebrating Free Comic Book Day, and many of the publishers are releasing free issues of their comics. (Click through the link to find a comic book in your area.) Store policy varies by shop. Many shops allow for one free comic per customer, but some shops are reportedly more generous.

This year there are 40 free comics being offered. Here’s are some recommendations of what’s worth picking up:

Pop Candy
MTV’s Splash Page
Bureau 42
Comics Worth Reading

Anyone have recommendations of their own?

3 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day is here

  1. It’s interesting. I BTed a bunch of comics I loved as a kid. A few held up. (Say Miller’s Dark Knight, some of the Alien comics that were sequels to Cameron’s film and took things in a far better direction than the rest of the movies did) Others were pretty embarrassing. (i.e. the classic era of Iron Man from the late 70’s and early 80’s) Even a lot of great reviewed comics were underwhelming.

    I keep hearing that comics have since the 90’s primarily targeted adults and not kids. (And given the increased prices kids probably couldn’t afford most) Yet I’m not sure they’ve really become “adult” beyond becoming darker and having more violence and sexuality. i.e. they are adult the way your typical cheap B-movie is adult. Not in terms of being more realistic or making one think.

    Sorry, just a thought from a curmudgeon.

  2. I’m still a full-on comic book geek at the ripe old age of 34. I’m also cheap, so I usually wait until the comics are collected in a trade, or when they’re free on Comic Book Day.

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