Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-7

7) Anoop
6) Matt
5) Lil Rounds
4) Allison
3) Danny
2) Adam
1) Kris

This was a good week all around. Now that Scott is gone we can start to get serious. I have Anoop being last, but it was still a pretty decent performance. Matt once again sounded very good, but he is just not dynamic enough to be memorable. Lil Rounds always sounds good but she is still suffering. Allison was stellar, but still doesn’t crack the top three. Danny was as good as always, though I wonder if he’s started to sound the same, like he’s doing the same kinds of songs. And I could have gone either way on Adam and Kris, but I think Kris wins because he performed a song I absolutely love. Adam chose a difficult song and he made it rad. That dude is just a great entertainer. The surprise of the night was Quentin Tarantino actually having intelligent things to say to the singers. Very odd.

15 thoughts on “Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-to-7

  1. I like Falling Slowly as well, but I didn’t think Kris’ efforts to turn it into a pop song worked too well. I’ll await Susan’s verdict on the issue.

  2. Now that Fringe is back, I’ve been following AI based on the five second clips at the end of the show that show up on my DVR.

    My thoughts:

    * Anyone who sings a Bryan Adams song on Movie Night should automatically be kicked out of the karaoke contest, regardless of voting.

    * Quentin Tarantino doesn’t know squat about singing.

    * I disliked Adam “I’m so emo, it makes me cry” Lambert before, but his performance of “Booooooorn to-oo-oo be wiiii-iiii-iii-ld” was a whole new level of sucktastic. For the first time ever, I actually backed the DVR up to hear it again–just to revel in how much it sucked.

    * Kris should get points for chosing an awesome song–best song choice by far. But I think letting him have an unseen female voice supplying harmonies seemed like cheating.

    * I like saying “Lil Rounds.” Lil Rounds, Lil Rounds. Fun. I don’t have any opinion of her as a singer or a person. Lil Rounds.

  3. I was kind of surprised Kara called the Once song obscure. It won an Oscar. Did it not get any radio play? I thought Kris did OK with it, but he’s no Glen Hansard.

    Movie night was a really bad idea. Might as well have called it Diane Warren night.

    Although I’m definitely downloading Danny’s “Endless Love.” It’s a little hard to criticize the guy when he’s so obviously singing to his dead wife. He needs to break out of that I think.

    I thought Lil Rounds sounded horrible.

    Loved that they basically cut the judges in half and still almost went over.

  4. 7) Lil
    6) Anoop
    5) Adam
    4) Danny
    3) Matt
    2) Allison
    1) Kris

    Lil was just…bad. I LOVE Once / Falling Slowly and Kris started off not so great, but built up ok. I’m still thinking his voice may have been a little thin for it. And, well, he’s not nearly as sexy as Glen is…

  5. It would be impossible to do “Born to Be Wild” more over-the-top than Adam did it. It made me laugh and admire his chops, but as music I hated it. Good entertainment, though. He gets my #1 spot because he’s playing the Idol game well.

    Props to Kris for making the only good song choice of the night, but he needed more vocal power at the climax of the song. Still pretty decent overall.

    7. Lil
    6. Matt
    5. Anoop
    4. Allison
    3. Danny
    2. Kris
    1. Adam

  6. I was kind of surprised Kara called the Once song obscure. It won an Oscar. Did it not get any radio play?

    It didn’t here in the average-sized radio market I live in. And I guarantee you that neither Simon nor Paula knew who originally sang that song.

    Every time I hear endless love, I can’t help but think about the guy in Happy Gilmore.

  7. Kris sang the best song but it may end up costing him. It’s shame too. Two Bryan Adams songs is two much.

  8. I watch for Simon. I hope they do not continue the split judges think. Maybe rotate between the rest, but let Simon tell it like it is on all the songs.

  9. Wow. So now two will go home next week. I’m not sure that’s an improvement for the contestants, but I guess it’s a good thing for Matt to stay around one more week. I’m betting he’s gone next week though.

  10. But last night and next week were the only weeks left to use it. I’m not surprised they did it last night at all.

    Now, if we can get rid of Lil and Anoop next week…

  11. It was obvious that Simon did not want to use the save. He was talked into it by the others, based on the fact that they only had this week and next week to use it. If it turns out that one of their favorites gets voted off next week, they will regret it.

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