BSG 2.27.09 – “Starbuck Plays Piano” (oops, I mean “Someone to Watch Over Me”)

– It’s old school week! Here’s an interview with the old school Starbuck (i.e., Dirk Benedict).  It’s a very manly interview.

Here’s another blog post by Mr. Benedict. And yet another. Suffice to say, he’s not happy with the new school.

– Recall that back in the early 1990s, Richard Hatch wanted to revive the franchise.  Out of his own pocket, and with generous fan support and lots of free sfx work from friendly pros, he created a trailer called “the second coming” that he used to shop the idea around. Go watch it here.  But be nice.  Remember it was the 90s, and it was done on less than a shoe string budget.  Considering all that, it’s actually quite impressive, though clearly very dated.  And it’s always nice to see the original Baltar.

– In new school BSG news, the composer for the series is now engaged.

On to tonight’s episode (spoilers below the fold):

*  First off, I must say this:  The brig on Galactica is the worst guarded brig ever.  It’s clearly not secure, and quite easy to escape from.

* Considering what happened to Zarek and Gaeta a few weeks ago, I’m surprised anyone (other than the Chief) has any problems with possible capital punishment for Boomer.

*  Is it still cheating if you think it’s your wife, but really it’s her insane twin?

*  This week, we’re back to the wise, compassionate Ellen.  Let’s see which one shows up next week.

*  So, the piano player is Starbuck’s hallucination of her father or something. He’s robably Daniel, though I hope it isn’t treated like some big revelation when we finally get “official” confirmation on this (also, I was not impressed with the actor playing Mr. Piano Man).

*  I don’t have much else to say.

*  My wife’s review:  “That was a very silly episode.”

*  My review:  A rather “blah” episode, until the end.  It did end with one of the better cliffhangers.

*  3 more episodes.  The preview promises we will know the truth.  I sure hope so.  The creators seem to think they can either do a character drivien episode, or a mythology driven one.  Why they can’t develop the characters while revealing secrets at the same time is beyond me.  Babylon 5 did it all the time.  In fact, the first two seasons of this new BSG did it as well.

15 thoughts on “BSG 2.27.09 – “Starbuck Plays Piano” (oops, I mean “Someone to Watch Over Me”)

  1. I’ve not watched BSG yet (my wife couldn’t tonight and would kill me if I watched it without her) however that Dirk Benedict interview was awesome. My favorite part.

    He may not quite be Starbuck or Face in real life, but he’s got something of those characters in him. During his recent appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, a wildly popular reality-TV show in the U.K., he was greeted by a snotty British punk-rock singer, who announced: “It’s Dirk [expletive redacted] Benedict.” Without missing beat, Benedict replied, “I seldom use my middle name.”

  2. It was better than last week’s but I always hate when characters get all “memory” lost. BTW – Chief is a bit of a putz after this.

  3. I too think the piano buy is Starbuck’s dad and probably Daniel as well. I wonder if the music that Hera presented to Starbuck is also a type of map? So, the notes of the mystical song are a map to a place where they need to go perhaps? When Hera was drawing, Starbuck asked her if she was drawing the stars and Hera affirmed that was what she was drawing.

  4. The opening sequence had some promise — showing the monotony, the hopelessness, of their lives again through Starbuck’s eyes and experiences.

    I liked that.

    There wasn’t much else to really gush over.

    And, if I were Helo, I think I would have tatooed my wife, or somehow marked her, especially with all of the #8s running around.

  5. Please no…

    I’ve become convinced that the show lost focus whenever it became focused on despair. The first two seasons were solid because there was hope. (And better writing) The New Caprica situation I’m convinced was a big mistake, but at the time it worked because there was still hope Galactica would rescue them. Then we had a bunch of crappy episodes because they focused on the despair on the ships. Then some good episodes (minus the Starbuck love triangle) when there was hope due to the temple. Even the Starbuck visits the angels angle could have worked had they not made it so hopeless.

    When the show turned into more being about despair it just lost it. (IMO) Even the best shows the past two years was when there was some bit of hope going on.

  6. I thought it was great character background. Of all the players, Starbuck needs to be completed before the series ends. I think this will help tie her back into the open threads and resolve itself in the end. I’m still not sure we’re in for a “happy ending”.

  7. well, she’s supposed to lead the human race to their doom and all. Which makes me think that we’ll have “from a certain point of view” explanation, where we will find out, through her, that we are all Cylons now.

  8. i think starbuck is half cylon. cuz the piano guy was her dad and i think daniel the cylon was her dad cuz he was the one who taught her the song when she was little. and hera is half cylon so she knows the song 2…

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