Poll: Who do you think will take home Oscars?




Tune in tomorrow for supporting actors and director polls.

19 thoughts on “Poll: Who do you think will take home Oscars?

  1. Nate Silver, who seems to never be wrong about anything, has made his picks:

    Picture: Slumdog Millionaire
    Director: Danny Boyle
    Actor: Mickey Rourke
    Actress: Kate Winslet
    Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger
    Supporting Actress: Taraji Henson

    Supporting actress seems to still be anyone’s game – the others seem to be settling into a consensus.

  2. Okay, my bad. I was thinking that Heath Ledger was in the Best Actor category. I think Nate Silver’s picks are pretty solid.

  3. I bet those Californians are wishing they’d gotten Milk out to theaters before Election Day. =P

    (Haven’t seen any of these nominees, plan to see Slumdog.)

  4. Have we had a review of Slumdog on KB?

    I liked it but thought it was incredibly derivative of City of God.

  5. No opinion on the Academy Awards. This is an other year where most of the films are films no one cares about. Plus I don’t think the Academy is particularly good at actually picking the best actor or picture.

    Quick question. Was Batman robbed by only being nominated in one serious category?

  6. Clark, yes. It’s ridiculous that TDK nets 8 nominations but gets shut out of both Best Picture and Best Director while Stephen Daldry’s crapfest The Reader sqeaks into both.

  7. Pic: Slumdog
    Actor: Rourke
    Actress: Winslet
    SAs: Ledger and Adams
    Cartoon: Wall-E
    Dir: Boyle (Slumdog)
    Doc: Man on Wire
    Vis Effects: Iron Man
    Writing (A): Reader
    Writing (O): In Bruges

    Given the nominations, these are my pics for who I think will win. Mostly who I think should win as well. I wish TSK got a best pic nod (though Slumdog still deserves to win), and Winslet should have been nominated for Rev Road, not for the Reader. No nod for the girl in Happy Go Lucky is a travesshammockery.

  8. I started watching when they were announcing best supporting actress, and nearly puked when I saw how they were praising each actress one by one. Had to turn it off. Did they do that for the entire show?

    Hollywood awards shows are out of control. How many times can they pat themselves on the back? I thought about doing an award post for the awards shows, but then I’d actually have to watch all the awards shows. (People taking themselves too seriously is my biggest pet peeve.)

  9. Everything went more or less as I expected with the exception of Best Actor. I haven’t seen Milk so I can’t say who did a better job, but I pretty much assumed Rourke had it in the bag. I was rooting for him to win and, considering his sweeping all the other awards shows, I’ve got to assume the Penn victory was political. Or maybe they just didn’t want Rourke giving an acceptance speech, given the content of his others.

  10. There are way too many award shows plus because of the way they are voted it’s more of a popularity contest than a real award. (i.e. done by say film critics)

  11. Brian V: Rourke didn’t sweep all the other awards. Sean Penn won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor as well. Rourke won the Golden Globe, but those are given by the Hollywood Foreign Press. The SAG is actually a lot more closely related to the Academy.

    Penn definitely benefitted from timing. The message of Milk resonated with a lot of Academy members and it’s a hot issue right now. Other than that, I don’t think it’s a political win. It was an amazing performance against type. Penn really transformed himself, whereas Rourke was playing a role that was much closer to his own character. That’s not to say Rourke didn’t deserve to win too, he did, and it was probably a very close vote.

  12. Susan, they did that for all the actor/actress awards. It was new this year and people had a lot of different reactions to it, but I liked it. It was great to see the other great actors/actresses talk about the nominees. It made it more personal, and I really liked hearing what they had to say.

  13. Rourke won the Golden Globe, the Independent Spirit, and the BAFTA. I’d forgotten about the SAG Award, but Rourke was definitely the heavy favorite to win. And I said it was a political win for the exact reason you mentioned.

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