Heroes Redux: In Which Scudworth Goes Scientific All Over Everybody’s Ass

I am nothing if not a man of science.


Hypothesis 1: The dramatic drop in overall quality during Season 2 of Heroes was due primarily to the impact of the writers’ strike.

Falsifiable Prediction (logically entailed by Hypothesis 1): With the writers’ strike well behind us, Season 3 should bring about an improvement in the writing and overall quality of the Heroes franchise.

Data Set: Heroes 301-308

Conclusion: Hypothesis 1 is demonstrably and manifestly false.

Yours truly,
Cinnamon J. Scudworth

11 thoughts on “Heroes Redux: In Which Scudworth Goes Scientific All Over Everybody’s Ass

  1. I gave up after about 6 or 7 episodes into season 2. I contribute this to many reasons:

    – A failure to really care about any single character on the show. Even Hiro got tiresome after a while.

    – Too reliant on whats-his-name’s paintings to advance the plot. This was simply lazy writing in my opinion. Instead of letting the audience guess where the show is going, they showed us and then let us guess how it was going to get there. Not very compelling.

    – Too reliant on flashback episodes to fill in plot-holes.

    – Breaking up the group at the beginning of Season 2. In the first episode no less. Season 1 consisted of coming up with contrived ways of bringing everyone together and then they just separate them? Dumb.

    – The Petrelli Brothers should have remained dead.

  2. It’s getting so bad, the current suckiness is reaching backwards in time and making the first season seem sucky.

  3. I thought last night’s episode was better than they have been. However, I thought the method of showing us the past through Hiro’s dreamwalk was pointless, until the very end. (What, African Man didn’t see THAT coming?) Didn’t appreciate the HRG/Elle plotline – isn’t she supposed to be a sociopath?

    Here’s my question: how does Arthur Petrelli steal powers – where’d he get that ability?

    Also, can anyone take the Haitian’s power? I guess Sylar could, if he opened him up manually.

  4. It just seems like a mess now. I have a hard time keeping up with the plotlines. I always feel like I’ve missed an episode. Maybe I’m just a dope.

  5. It really is too bad. With this format, I really thought they’d be able to keep it fresh. I mean, you can always bring in new characters (both good guys and bad guys) with new abilities to create new story lines. But they’ve kept virtually everyone, in one way or another, and just keep doing the same story. Grrr.

    But I’ll probably keep watching it til the end. Just like Prison Break and 24.

  6. I’m really near dropping Heroes. I gave up on Fringe. Prison Break was silly but entertaining for the first 13 episode and then drug out way too long. The second season though was retarded and I quickly gave up.

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