KulturCast #1

KulturCast #1

We present to you the soon-to-be award-winning KulturCastâ„¢, Kulturblog’s humble attempt at world domination. This edition was moderated by yours truly, accompanied by our roving specialists Susan M., Clark Goble and MCQ. In it we discuss such critical topics as the upcoming Arrested Development movie, what TV we’ll watch over the summer, So You Think You Can Dance as well as other monumental fluff. But wait, there’s more! We’ve included a bonus track at the end with Susan M. and Brian V. pontificating about the meaning of life…or a song. Or something.

You will note that Clark had some technical difficulties with his audio so we had to use a replacement. Don’t fret, his soothing voice returns at about the 10 minute mark. You will also note that the intro music is a little louder than the rest of the podcast. Actually, I’ve already noted that. Thanks.

Please listen and give us feedback, what you liked, what you didn’t like, etc. (remember that this is our first try so be nice.) We have other ideas up our sleeves but aren’t averse to hearing yours. Also, technical tips would be nice too.

37 thoughts on “KulturCast #1

  1. Nice job. I think it would be better to stick with one or two topics per cast. This would allow participants to go into greater detail, and provide more information or better explain their opinion. Otherwise, very cool!

  2. My running commentary:

    I thought Clark would be more articulate.

    There Will Be Blood is extremely ugly. I hated it. I haven’t decided if I think it’s brilliant or not, though. It is definitely interesting.

    The other Paul Thomas Anderson movie you were trying to think of was probably Boogie Nights.

    Oh, there’s Clark. That’s better.

    “Corner Station” is on WGN. That’s the “superstation.”

    “Flipping Out” is crazy. I saw something about him spying on his assistant or something.

    The Arrested Development movie will probably suck. I guess I just don’t have any faith in film comedy. I haven’t loved very much lately.

    Nothing else to add. Good stuff.

  3. LOL – I’m always inarticulate. Sorry about that. I paused my recording and when I unpaused it then recorder started again at the beginning instead of continuing.

  4. Actually it was Punch Drunk Love that I was thinking of, though I knew he had directed Boogie Nights.

  5. Was Inarticulate Clark played by Steve Carell from Bruce Almighty? If so, do I get points for getting that right?

  6. Burn Notice rocks! (Also, the Closer, Monk, Psych)

    In Plain Sight (not bad)

    the Middleman (sophomoric humor. IOW, just my style!)

    Guilty Pleasure: Design Star

  7. Because I know you’re all dying to hear, I did watch 10,000 BC. It’s your typical mythic-hero story. The writing wasn’t that great, but the scenery looked awesome on upconverted HD. I’d probably rather watch it again than something like Batman Begins.

  8. YouTube has secret settings to improve video quality. There is an account setting to enable higher quality video, but you can just append:
    to any URL and get the clip in higher quality if that format is available for the clip. It is available for all recent uploads.

    Also, house flipping shows are of the devil.

  9. re: Dexter

    I’ve never seen it or even heard of it, but the discussion brought up the “Disney ending.” Consider The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Spider-man. Note that Spider-man is not a Disney movie. But in any case the bad guy and the hero fight, the hero wins fair and square and offers the bad guy forgiveness. The bad guy pretends to accept, only to attempt a dirty move after the fight is over that inadvertently leads to his own death. That sucks.

  10. Yeah John, that’s something that’s just always bugged me. It’s a way of letting the audience have their vengeance without needing to think about it morally. It happens in all sorts of movies. It bugs me each and every time.

  11. arJ: Not following you. I “have” YouTube? Yeah, the same way we all do. I can access YouTube on my iPod Touch as long as I’m able to access a wireless internet connection, like at my home or office. Other wireless connections can be accessed through my iPod only if they are unencripted.

    I watch stuff like TV shows on my iPod touch that I have purchased through other sources and downloaded to my iPod Touch. I can also watch movies or music videos that way. Is that what you were asking?

  12. MCQ,

    I apologize for the typo. I meant to say:

    You hate YouTube and watch TV on an iPod Touch????

    That said, I suppose if you own Google stock you could claim to “have” YouTube…

  13. YouTube sucks for several reasons.

    (1) 90% of it is talking heads talking about nothing.

    (2) The resolution is horrible. (It’s even worse on a big screen)

    (3) The UI sucks.

  14. I enjoyed the first KulturCast and hope you’ll do it again. I didn’t mind the multiple topics.

    Burn Notice is a great show, although a critic’s review I read of the first couple episodes of the second season was not favorable. I don’t agree with critics very often though (I think I have relatively low standards), so I’m not too worried. Psych is also a lot of fun–never got into Monk.

    Susan—I wasn’t a big fan of Batman Begins either, but I’m not sure I’d like 10,000 BC.

  15. John #15 –

    that’s one reason I really like the overlooked and underrated movie RobotJox.

    These are spoilers, but oh, well –

    the good guy offers the bad guy forgiveness, and he accepts. End of story. The bad guy actually realizes the error of his ways and repents.

  16. I’m surprised the critics didn’t like Burn Notice. Of course there’s only been one episode thus far but I thought it was quite good and clever.

  17. Ivan,

    I like Superman 2 for similar reasons. Superman renders his enemies powerless and then they all end up at the bottom of an icy crevasse, hopefully injured, and I assume that they die there.

    Marlon Brando was waaaaay too easy on those guys in Superman I.

  18. Clark,

    TV sucks for many of the same reasons. Especially non-HD satellite TV:

    (1) 90% of it is talking heads talking about nothing.

    (2) The resolution is horrible. (It’s even worse on a big screen) Compression artifacts on some sat channels are so bad as to give me a terrible headache.

    (3) The UI sucks.

    Does this mean that I think TV sucks? No, I simply watch what I want to and avoid what I don’t. Similarly, YouTube does not suck, even though 90% of it is a crapfest.

  19. TV without a DVR is unimaginable. Seriously.

    The resolution with HD isn’t bad – although it’s still over compressed. But let’s be honest. SD on a digital network is still considerably better than even the “HD” setting on YouTube with a few rare exceptions. Both Dish and DirectTV now have most of the main channels in HD. My local area is a hold out in that ABC still isn’t HD and Dish won’t let you subscribe to networks outside of your local area. Which sucks with Lost. But I’d still rather watch lost on Dish with SD than watch the equivalent off of anyplace but iTunes.

    The UI for a DVR is pretty great IMO. Especially when you consider there is no mouse. The one thing I wish they had was a computer interface for modifying things via the network like the iTunes/aTV combo allows.

    Anyway, I don’t think it really compares. More to the point there’s more content I find interesting on TV than on YouTube. And I find the resolution on YouTube so overwhelmingly bad that I get frustrated fast.

  20. To add, if you enjoy YouTube more power to you. There’s just little content on it that makes it a destination for me. But I’d never want to say someone’s wrong simply because they don’t like what I do. I don’t like America’s Funniest Videos either and YouTube to me seems like an extension of that.

    YouTube’s best ‘feature’ are a lot of nature films and vignettes that have been uploaded. (I use it for such with my kids) But the resolution is just so bad that it’s hard to bother most of the time. For me.

    On an iPhone it might be a different experience.

  21. Youtube is the best thing to happen to the Internet, ever. I can find shows and videos on there I used to watch as a kid/teenager, rare stuff that I’d never be able to see otherwise.

  22. Clark,

    I agree that TV without a DVR is a very different experience, but how long have people had DVRs? Prior to that TV was arguably much much worse than YouTube yet people still used it. If anything YouTube is more like a DVR than it is like TV.

    I think you’re being overly harsh on YouTube. It isn’t meant as a TV replacement at this point. Long term however you can see where things are headed and you know that in 10 years you’ll look back and be able to see how YouTube changed the landscape.

  23. I rarely watched TV before DVRs. But then I think there were fewer good shows on. The last 7 years has seen an amazing explosion in the quality of TV.

    My problem with YouTube is crappy content as well. Seriously, I look though the main ‘selected’ features and there’s never one I’m interested in.

    I’m not looking at it as a TV replacement. Just that, outside of animal videos, I personally don’t see the point. OK, I love all the woodcut marble maze videos. But that killed about 20 minutes and then was done.

  24. Yeah, but Youtube gives us stuff like this:

    (Incredibly NSFW, by the way – there’s enough cursing to give Susan a cardiac incident)

  25. I can’t believe anyone would ever just browse through YouTube and watch random stuff. When I go to YouTube it’s always to find something specific. The cool thing about it is that I usually find it. That part of last night’s TV show I missed? It’s there. That Mony Python sketch I always loved? It’s there. That music video from 1983 that I can’t remember the name of? It’s there. How cool is that?

  26. I also love that it recommends stuff to me based on what I’ve already watched.

    My kids actually do go on there just to browse. I think you’ll find the younger generation do that much more than us old fogies.

  27. MCQ – I’ll grant that YouTube is great for finding “television quotes.” However the picture quality is still horrible.

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