He’ll Be Back (again?) — UPDATED

According to news reports from Cannes, Terminator is set to return to the big screen for a new trilogy, with Christian Bale starring as John Connor.

I loved the first two films, liked the third and couldn’t stand the series. I love Christian Bale as an actor, but haven’t we had enough of the Terminator?


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  1. I think its a good idea because from what I’ve heard, they actually have a pretty solid script to go off of. The director wants to revamp things, including the series and the third…

    While I didn’t think the series wasn’t that bad (I didn’t get to watch half of it because of my school schedule), I wonder how much it was affected by the strike. Perhaps they’re listening to fans and realizing that they need a revamp

    Didn’t see T3, but I heard it sucked. It was all about Arnold (from what I heard)…as long as they go with a storyline, with creators who actually appreciate the series (and aren’t looking to make a buck), it’s got potential

    For some reason, I like Bale as John Connor…he seems like what I always envisioned an adult Connor to be

  2. Christian Bale would make a fine most things – he’s a great actor – but unless the script is stellar it could turn out to be Batman and Robin rather than Batman Begins

  3. Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors, so if he were in it, I’d be willing to give the Terminator another chance.

  4. After the first film arrives, we’ll know if we want a trilogy.

    I’m not wild about initial popular quality ideas being turned into spin-offs, prequels, sequels, trilogies, etc. It’s rare that the product maintains quality along the way.

    Just the same, Christian Bale is pretty awesome. He doesn’t seem to pick bad films to be in … though I haven’t gone to the effort of hitting imdb to confirm that point. So we’ll see what happens …

    Christian Bale has better diction than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Does this mean the new Terminator will have more to say? Or will we continue to hear terse clipped phrases? That’s one of my first questions.

    This post subject also makes me wonder how high the chances are that someone, in a couple of decades, will want to re-do the LOTR series around a new set of stars.

  5. The third film was for me a huge disappointment.

    One problem was a horrible script that made zero sense and a mediocre director. (Although I did like that sub movie he did) They also just brought the T-1000 back for no good reason. And the villain was hardly scary.

    I’d love a good film. I just doubt the studio would put the people in charge that could make one.

  6. Clark –

    I think that’s what made the first two movies great – Ahnold as the first Terminator was pretty scary (when my 10-year old self finally saw it on TV) because I actually felt that Ahnold was really a machine.

    I think Robert Patrick was much better as the villan T-1000 than Ahnold was in the first one, probably because he seemed very cold and heartless, the epitome of a killing machine…

    Again, I didn’t see the third one, so no comments on that…

    But I don’t think that the series picked a very good villian.

    Lookin’ at McG’s stuff, I don’t see anything that really stands out to me as a good or bad director.

    The two writers (according to imdb) were involved in Terminator 3, so it makes me wonder if I want to change my vote…

  7. danithew,

    Bale won’t be playing Arnold’s role. He will be playing the boy grown up.

    By the way, isn’t this news like 6 months old? I remember seeing this on imdb last year.

    T3 was blah, but it had 1 pretty darn good action sequence from what I remember.

    What I saw of the series didn’t excite me. I didn’t think Sarah Conner was anything like her character from the big screen. Maybe I didn’t watch enough.

    McG has done nothing but garbage so far in my opinion. So that is a worry, but Bale can make nearly any movie great.

  8. McG has never made a particularly good movie, and if the IMDB listing is correct, the writers are John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris, who’ve brought us such gems as Terminator 3 and Catwoman. Not much reason for optimism there.

  9. Interesting. The star and focus of the old movies, or at least the first one, I thought, was the Terminator. It seems the real focus now will be on “the boy grown up.”

    It will be interesting then to see how the Terminator “character” will be developed in the three movies – AND – to see who they choose to fill that kind of role. Or maybe there will be a lot of Terminators …

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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